18 Classroom Organization Hacks To Try

Updated 10/22/20

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If your once Pinterest-worthy teaching space is beginning to look a little disheveled these days, here are some simple hacks that can help transform your cluttered classroom into an organized oasis that fuels creativity.

18 Classroom Organization Hacks To Try


Simple classroom hacks using everyday supplies

1. Tin cans

Use empty tin cans as wall organizers and fill them with anything from crayons, to scissors, to Legos. Just use super glue to adhere them to a wall or bulletin board, or stick them to any magnetic surface!

Via Teach for America

2. Empty tissue boxes

Keep extra plastic bags in empty tissue boxes for sending home projects or wet clothes so they’re contained and ready to use when you need them.

Via Scholastic

3. Address stickers

Stick address labels on books, classroom supplies, storage containers, shelves……anything that can be labeled. That way there’s no question about where things belong or who they belong to.

Via Scholastic

4. Empty cereal boxes

Stack and glue empty cereal boxes together and wrap them in fun paper to use as “in and out boxes” on a bookshelf or other convenient space. Have kids turn in their work to the top bin and pick it up from the bottom bin.

Via Pinterest

5. Empty salt and pepper shakers

Put glitter into recycled salt and pepper shakers to minimize the mess and avoid sweeping up glitter for the rest of the week (or month).

Via Apartment Therapy

6. Home Depot canvas work aprons

Tie nail aprons around students’ chairs for the perfect place for kids to keep their chapter books. (At $1.48 each, these are so much cheaper than the book pouches from school supply stores!).

Via Confessions of a Nerdy Teacher

7. Dish rack

Use one to organize and store all of your folders (the utensil holder can hold markers or pencils too!). Jazz it up with a bit of paint or washi tape.

 Via Buzzfeed

8. Muffin trays

Use them to store plastic cups filled with paint brushes, scissors, markers, and colored pencils, creating an instant art supply tray for activity centers.

 Via Buzzfeed

9. Binder clips

Never lose another cord by storing them all in the same place using simple binder clips.

Via SimpleK12

10. Paint stirrers (free at hardware stores)

These are great for dividing books by author’s initials so classroom libraries can finally stay organized.

 Via Buzzfeed


Cool supplies to help you stay organized

11. Teacher binder clips (set of five for $14.07) 

teacher binder clips

Via We Are Teachers

12. Learning Resources Create-a-Space Storage Center ($18.99)

storage center with school supplies


13. Classroom mailbox ($33.50)

blue classroom mailbox

Via We Are Teachers

14. Divided Organizer for earbud storage ($7.88)

organization hack for earbuds

Via Inspire.Love.Learn.


Easy (and cheap) hacks to brighten up your classroom

15. Transform walls into a creative space

Have an ugly wall? Hang a few sheets of shower paneling from a home store and let kids write or draw on the walls with dry erase markers. Chalkboard paint is another great alternative.

Via Scholastic

16. Spruce up a boring bookshelf
Use contact paper to liven up a bookshelf, or add a coat of paint and white circle stickers to add some whimsy.

Via Buzzfeed

17. Hit the fabric store

If you have an unsightly file cabinet or storage area, cover it up with some fun fabric.

Via Mashable

18. Make washi tape your new best friend

Don’t want to redo your whole file cabinet? No problem, just dress up the edges with some funky patterned washi tape. This Japanese craft tape can make anything look instantly fun and adorable.

Via Fusion Yearbooks


So there you have it! Simple and inexpensive items that can turn your classroom from dull to dreamy in no time flat. And they’re super easy to add to your class wish list too! Click here to post your class wish list today. 

Have more ideas that you think teachers should know about? Leave a comment and let us know! 

Originally posted 2018

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