24 School Supply Gift Ideas for Teachers

24 School Supply Gift Ideas for Teachers

Updated 08/31/18

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It’s no surprise that teachers love shiny new school supplies…especially the ones they didn’t have to buy with their own money or “borrow” from their spouse’s office!  With teachers spending over $450 a year out of pocket on supplies for their classrooms, consider this when it’s time to gift your teacher with a little something: skip the personalized mugs and the pencil-scented candles (yes, they really exist), and instead, give the gift of school supplies. Any one of these 24 practical (and pun-tastic!) school supply themed gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your teacher’s face!



1. Make no mistake about it…I’m so happy you’re my teacher! 

Featuring Pink Pearl erasers (wrapped in wax paper) and our printable gift tag



2.  You’re a five star teacher!

Featuring Mead Five Star filler paper and  our printable gift tag



3. My future is looking sharp with you as my teacher!

Featuring Sharpie markers and printable gift tag from Skip to My Lou



4. We are one sharp bunch!

Featuring Bic pens and printable gift tag from Fourth ‘n Ten



5. You are the write teacher for me!

Featuring Bic pens, Paper Mate pencils and printable gift tag from Homeroom Mom



6. You’re a cut above the rest!

Featuring Westcott scissors and  printable gift tag from Homeroom Mom 



7. Mark my words…it’s going to be a great year!

Featuring Sharpie markers and printable gift tag from The Suburban Mom



8. I’m looking forward to a bright and re-marker-able school year!

Featuring Sharpie markers and printable gift tag from Mothers Niche



9. DIY Dry Erase Board 

 Expo dry erase markers would be a fun addition to this simple DIY erase board from Everyday Mom Ideas



10. Hefty Teacher Survival Kit 

Featuring some of your teacher’s favorite essentials in a Hefty bag with our printable bag topper (fits Hefty 1 gallon bags)



11. Thanks for sticking with me and helping me learn

Featuring Post-it Notes and printable gift tag from The Happy Scraps



12. Thank you for coloring our lives and making us sharpies

Featuring Sharpie markers a printable gift tag from Design Wash Rinse Repeat



13. You are scent-sational

Featuring Mr. Sketch Markers and a printable gift tag from Step Into Second Grade



14. You’re one sharp teacher!

Featuring Sharpie markers and printable gift tag from Pink When



15. Scribble, sharpen, wipe, write, erase, new school supplies put a smile on your face! 

Featuring Mead Trapper Keeper, Mead folders, Mead Five Star filler paper, Bic highlighters, Bic pens, Westcott scissors and our printable gift tag 



16. Teacher Tool Kit featuring Pink Pearl erasers

Featuring Pink Pearl erasers and other teacher essentials (don’t forget the chocolate!) from Hi Sugar Plums 



17. Expo Dry Erase Markers Bouquet

Featuring Expo dry erase markers — get the how-to over on The Happy Scraps



18. We are stuck on you

Featuring Elmer’s glue sticks and printable gift tag from Crissy’s Crafts



19. Welcome Back Pencil Vase

Featuring Paper Mate pencils and printable gift  tag from Amanda Parker and Family (note, we recommend using glue dots instead to ensure your teacher can actually use the pencils!)



20. You are a mark above the rest. Thank you for being a great teacher!

Featuring Expo dry erase markers and printable gift tag from The Happy Scraps



21. Thanks for helping us shine!

Featuring Lysol wipes and printable gift tag from It’s Always Autumn



22. You’re the glue that keeps us together

Featuring Elmer’s glue sticks and printable gift tag from G* Rated



23. Thank you for helping me bloom!

Featuring pencils, cupcake liners and printable gift tag from Lia Griffith



24. This marks the beginning of a bright and colorful year!

Featuring Sharpie markers, a recycled soup can and printable gift tag from Sweet Charli


Originally posted 2015

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7 Comments for 24 School Supply Gift Ideas for Teachers


Please how easy will it be getting supplies directly from you in bulk to re-sell here in Nigeria?


    Hi Steph, We don’t sell supplies or distribute supplies. Sometimes we give away supplies to United States schools when we receive donations from our sponsors. TeacherLists.


I do want something of that because my teacher is awesome

Taylor Crews

I loved the teacher survival kit in the hefty bag.


Love all of these gift ideas. Would be great for our hard working middle school teachers.


Such cute ideas! I love the Teacher Survival kit!

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