27 Thoughts Had By Anyone Who Works in a School Office

Updated 06/5/17

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If you work in a school office, we can guarantee you've had these 27 thoughts!



1. When the fax machine is jammed (again) and it’s 2:59:


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2. When someone asks if they can “borrow” your new BIC pen:


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3. When you no longer have to print out school supply lists because they’re digital now (yesssss):


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Brace yourselves: this is actually a real thing and not a dream. Upload and share your school’s supply lists the easy way with TeacherLists–it’s free! 

4. When you have to make an uncomfortable call to a parent and voicemail picks up:


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5. When you realize you just won free books for your school:


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Hey, you can actually  make this happen at your school! Enter the TeacherLists + Scholastic List It for a Library Sweepstakes for your chance to win.

6. When a super nice parent brings in donuts for the staff:


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7. When it’s a snow day and you finally get to make a viral video about school being cancelled:


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8. When it’s the middle of cold and flu season and people keep swiping your Puffs:


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9. When there’s an important announcement to be made:


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10. When you’re feeling just a tad protective of your new desk supplies: 


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11. When the nurse’s office is at max capacity and she has to seat sick kids in the front office:


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12. When the PTO surprises the staff with an appreciation station that involves some sort of snack:


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13. When it’s 2:00 and the vending machine in the teachers’ lounge is broken: 


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14. When you’re trying out a “mobile principal’s office” and teachers tease you about your new mode of transportation:


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15. When a shall-remain-unnamed parent insists they didn’t get the e-newsletter:


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16. When you see students with their Mead Trapper Keepers and you’re flooded with nostalgia:


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17. When you’re looking for the principal and you finally find her:


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18. When you’re still in school and it’s June 30 (thank you, snow days):


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19. When students hire a mariachi band to follow you around for the day:


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20. When you’re in desperate need of an off-site professional development workshop:


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21. When you printed out something personal and the principal picks it up off the printer: 


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22. When holding a freshly sharpened pencil is the best feeling you’ve had all day:


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23. When you’ve heard one too many tall tales from the same student, and it’s only September:


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24. When someone refills the K-cup carousel in the teachers’ lounge with something other than decaf or tea:


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25. When the last day of school is FINALLY here:


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26. When it’s summer and you actually have a few minutes to day dream about something non-school-related:


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27. When you’re so ready for school to start again:


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