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2nd Annual TeacherLists Academy Awards

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The little gold guy that was given out last night to an elite few in the Hollywood sure does draw a lot of attention.  People plan parties for it, people watch the “before” show and the “after” show and then talk about it on Twitter all night.

I mean it’s cool but lets face it – that is so “last night.” The real hype, the main event if you will, is today.

What we’ve all been waiting for – the TeacherLists Oscars.

Each year here at TeacherLists we get so many examples of great school communication around supply and wish lists.  When that happens, truthfully, everyone is a winner.

Just for fun though, here are a few that we think deserve a little gold guy.

Without further adieu, our 2017 TeacherList Oscars go to…

Best Production
Collegium Charter School, Exton, PA
As you know, Collegium Charter School’s supply lists topped the box office this year. Their 16,868 views coupled with their five star parent reviews makes their lists a “must see.”

 Best Foreign Language Award
César Chávez Dual Spanish Immersion School, Hyattsville, MD
They say everyone smiles in the same language and at César Chávez Dual Spanish Immersion School their parents are all smiling. Their site is user friendly, creative, informative and bilingual. Bravo!

Best Art Direction
Beacon Academy, Maple Grove, MN
While it is always an honor to just be nominated, there was no way the Beacon Academy would stop there. Their site is a beacon (pun intended) of beauty. It reminds us that school websites can be both useful and a visual treat. Shine on Beacon!

Best Visual Effects
Concordia Lutheran School, Fort Wayne, IN
If there was an award for Best Dressed, Concordia Lutheran School would surely win that too. This beauty in blue and white is dazzling to behold. The designers are true pioneers and legends in their craft.

Best Engineering Effects
Trinity Lutheran School, Litchfield Park, AZ
The School Technology realm is made up of immensely talented individuals and here is where the real tech talents get apt recognition. Though the award goes to Trinity Lutheran School, the real winners are their school parents who have a high tech, high stylin’ and high profilin’ website. Trinity’s partners at Blackboard accepted the award on their behalf saying the schools team wished they could attend but, well, it’s Sunday night and they’ve got school tomorrow.

Best Trailer
Humboldt Elementary School, Humboldt, AZ
Let’s face it the trailer seals the deal. No one is going to come and see your site unless you reel them in with a catchy and suspenseful marketing plan. Nowadays that means killer social media. And Humbolt Elementary School put “social” in their social media. In doing so they won the hearts of parents, students and now this award.

The Honorary Award
Arsenal Technical HS, Indianapolis, IN
TeacherLists recognizes exceptional contributions and lifetime achievement with our Honorary Award. This year we honor Arsenal Technical High School, an original member of the Academy of TeacherLists, for their outstanding and longest-standing contribution – their lists have stood the test of time and proved to be real classics.

Originally posted 2017

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