A special thank you (and big news) from our founder, Tim Sullivan

Updated 07/31/15

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Dear User,

I’m writing with a personal thank you and also with what I hope are some really helpful updates for you and your school.

First of all – thank you! Just last week, TeacherLists passed the one million list mark. Thanks to users and supporters like you sharing news of the site and how simple and helpful it is for schools and parents, we now have more than one million school supply lists and teacher wish lists live on the site. That means tens of millions of families are having a smarter, simpler back-to-school this year. And we’re just getting started!

Speaking of progress, did you know:

1. We now have a direct link with Amazon.com! This means every school supply list that is posted on TeacherLists is also automatically available directly through Amazon’s School Lists service. Very cool stuff and just another way we’re making this whole process work smarter for schools and parents.

Want to see the Amazon link in action? Just view your list(s) and wait 6 seconds to see the link. That’s it. Parents can print lists, view them on their smart phones (at any store) or shop directly on Amazon through our smart link. Nice!

2. Our Schools Work Smarter $5,000 Sweepstakes ends in just a few weeks. Are all your school’s lists on TeacherLists yet? Adding your lists is as easy as uploading your word docs or PDFs using our new Power Loader. We do the rest! Then, just add a link to your lists from your school website, and your school will be entered for a chance to win $5,000.

3. TeacherLists also has valuable coupons for parents. If you have a school website, a teacher blog, or class email list – let your parents know about these coupons at the same time you are sending them the link to your lists. See coupons

Finally, please let us know what else we can do for you, and how we can make TeacherLists even more valuable (and smarter!) for you, your school, and your parents. It’s what we are all about. You can contact us at tlsupport@teacherlists.com.

Best for an amazing school year!



Tim Sullivan
Founder, TeacherLists.com

Originally posted 2015

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