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Updated 11/25/20

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During this time of year, everyone gets a chance to reflect on what and who they are thankful for. Here at TeacherLists, we’re thankful every day but thought we would take a minute to share why we have so many good days throughout the year—even this year.



We’re thankful for our partners at Clorox and Kleenex because they help keep our offices and classrooms healthy and happy all year long, especially during cold and flu season. We also bow down to the men and women who run snow plows. Based in Massachusetts, we wouldn’t be able to do half of what we do if that team wasn’t keeping the roads clear and safe. They also create amazing piles of snow to jump in and create snowmen out of.



We just love with our schools and teachers. We admire how teachers take care of and nurture our kids even on days when they aren’t the “best” version of themselves. We thank our schools for fostering creativity and curiosity and for being safe spaces for our students to thrive. We also crush on Sharpie markers and Crayola colored pencils because of how bright, bold, and beautiful they make our kids’ homemade valentines!



It roars in like a lion, as do the technology groups we partner with. These companies design and launch innovative new school communication programs. We are in awe of the exciting ideas they come up with on a regular basis.



It’s raining, it’s pouring, the slime lab is roaring! Thank the glue gods that Elmer’s has so many slime recipes. Our kids would have been bouncing off the walls this past spring if it weren’t for slime-making. It’s science, it’s art, it’s creative and smart!



We are thankful for mothers. Cafeteria-cleaning mothers, celebrity reader mothers, musical mothers, math whiz mothers, business mothers, craft mothers, athletic mothers, strong mothers, and loving mothers. For the love of mothers, we thank them all! (This most definitely goes for fathers, too.)



The end of school is here, and it’s such a busy time for parents and teachers. We feel so blessed that there is new technology that makes it easier to complete our to dos. We love apps and websites that help us schedule camp, communicate with friends, send party invitations, and order the perfect gift for our favorite teacher. Hallelujah!



We are thankful for a slower schedule, for outdoor movie nights, days at the beach, super fun summer camps, and teachers who are off for the summer but are really still working on plans for next year. And we are thankful for Ziploc sandwich bags. We use them all summer long for everything from lunches and snacks for the road to keep wet bathing suits from dripping and for gathering sea shells.



Just like that, summer is ending. Thank goodness for Amazon and Target and Walmart. Everyone needs school supplies ASAP and if you have your list from TeacherLists, you can easily get them from these wonderful retailers. That makes us doubly thankful because then we can pretend it’s still summer and enjoy some extra time with our families. We’re always thankful for that!



We’re thankful for our friends at Kids in Need who work so hard to ensure that kids in need have wonderful backpacks full of supplies for school. Because of them, children all over are smiling and learning and thriving in school. We are also thankful for our TeacherLists team. It gets busy around here during back-to-school time and we love that we are constantly surrounded by creative, smart, and amazingly fun professionals. Because of them we are smiling, learning, and thriving too!



We love this time of year. It’s starting to cool down, the leaves are changing colors, and everyone is somewhat into their school routine. And there are so many fun crafts to do—paper pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns, flying ghosts and spooky witches, leaf rubbings, and color-your-own-scarecrow.



The beginning of November is like the calm before the holiday storm. We’re thankful that there is a short window of time where we can all breathe before the panic of holiday planning hits. This bit of downtime gives us a chance to pick pumpkins and apples and to cheer from the sidelines for our favorite students and schools.



Have we mentioned that we like online shopping and delivery? We do. That’s why we love that TeacherLists works with great retailers so that we can get supplies delivered right to us. This month, we apply that same logic to teacher gifts! Yay! We want to show our teachers that we’re thankful for them, so having a wish list of what they really like is really a gift to us. We can look up their wish list on TeacherLists and see personal items, class items, and favorite shops and restaurants and pick a gift that we know they will enjoy over the holiday break!


Not a day or month goes by that we aren’t thankful for what we have here at TeacherLists, and that includes you, our community. You challenge us, inspire us, and help us be better at what we do.







Originally posted 2017

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