Bunch of Fixes and Updates Just Went Live on TeacherLists.com

Updated 08/15/14

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Thanks to all your feedback, we’ve been very busy.  Just this week, we went live with more than two dozen updates and fixes — some big some small.  A brief summary:

1) Did you notice that the list manager’s name showed up on lists even though you are not a teacher? – Fixed!  Now parent group leaders, school administrators or grade leads can add lists for teachers without being viewed as the teacher associated with the list!

2) For those who are entering lists for multiple classrooms, grades or even multiple schools – it just got a whole lot easier!

  • Create a district account and you can create a list just once and it will show for all of the schools in your district!  Learn more at our blog post “District Wide Supply Lists and TeacherLists.com”
  • Want to create a multi-grade list? Now you can!
  • Trouble finding the right list at a school that has posted 10,20,30 lists?  Problem solved!  Lists now display by grade then list name making it that much easier to find the one you need.

3) Sharing! Once your lists are created it is all about spreading the word.  Teachers are now able to share their lists directly from www.teacherlists.com to their own facebook or email account, with a badge and more.  And parents who find a list can now instantly email their teacher to let them know what they are contributing to the classroom!

Please keep the feedback coming (tlsupport@teacherlists.com), and stay tuned for more product and promotional updates!

Originally posted 2012

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