COVID-19 and Schools

COVID-19 and Schools

Updated 05/21/20

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Information, tips, tools and more for teachers and parents from and across the web, including lists with essential supplies by grade range for home-based academic enrichment. Check back often, we’ll be adding more as the coronavirus situation continues to change.

COVID-19 and Schools
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Tools and Links for Teachers

Donation Supply Lists

Many people want to help right now but don’t know how. With TeacherLists, you can set up Donation Supply Lists to share with parents and others in your community so they can donate much-needed school supplies.


Free, Fun, and Inspiring Zoom Backgrounds for Teachers

They’re what you didn’t know you needed all along.


Graduation Ideas—Social Distancing Edition

Not all graduation and moving-up ceremonies have been canceled due to widespread coronavirus-related school closures. We’ve found some clever and heartfelt ways communities all over the country are planning to celebrate these milestone moments and make them special despite the circumstances.


How Teachers and Principals Are Keeping Their Communities Connected

Educators are finding amazing ways to help their students during the coronavirus school closures. Take a look at some of our favorites.


Teacher Tips: Avoiding Burnout

School closings have already been called for the rest of the year in many areas, and it’s a stressful situation for teachers everywhere. But who knows best how to protect yourselves from burnout? You do.


Resources for Teachers Managing Emergency School Closings

Some of the best free resources for teachers, including subscriptions and online tools to encourage educational enrichment, personal wellness, and life skills for kids.


Interactive Map of School Closures Due to COVID-19


Tools and Links for Parents

School-at-Home Supply List, Early Elementary (grades preK-2)
School-at-Home Supply List, Elementary (grades 3-5)
School-at-Home Supply List, Middle (grades 6-8)

Use these lists to easily purchase essential supplies for continuing your child’s education enrichment at home while schools are closed. With one click you can add to an online retailer’s cart, and customize items and quantities.


28+ STEM Activities To Do at Home

Step-by-step instructions and materials lists for family-friendly science activities.


Free #StayAtHome Webinars for Parents and Educators

Because adults (and kids) are spending a lot more time online during the coronavirus pandemic, our friends at Trend Micro are holding a series of free webinars to support the ongoing education of parents and teachers everywhere. Join one of these 30-minute weekly sessions to discuss challenges and get answers from Trend Micro experts and guests on topics like managing your family’s privacy and dealing with cyberbullying. (You can also watch the recorded sessions later.)


5 Easy Teacher Appreciation Ideas Parents Can Use When Schools Are Closed

Simple ideas your family can use to show teachers how you feel, no matter how far away you are.


At-Home Enrichment Activities and More (for When Schools Are Closed)

Free classes, printables, media subscriptions, and more to help you keep your kids learning at home during coronavirus or other school closures.


Parents: You Should Know This Internet Slang

There’s a good chance a lot more kids will be spending a lot more time on Internet-enabled devices over the next few weeks and months. Study our list of common Internet terms and practices to stay in the know.


Science Fun for Kids: DIY Bouncy Ball

Make your own bouncy ball out of common household ingredients.


Science Fun for Kids: Elephant Toothpaste

Make elephant toothpaste out of common household ingredients.

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