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Updated 01/31/19

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Thank you for taking the time to visit us last week at FETC! We hope you had a great conference and that your visit with us was informative and productive. We wanted to take this opportunity to let you get to know us a bit better and explain in more detail what TeacherLists is.

What Is TeacherLists?

TeacherLists is a school supply list and classroom wish list service that makes it super easy for teachers and administrators to manage the back-to-school supply process. Supply lists are uploaded to our platform in seconds and we digitize those lists in a format that is shareable with major national retailers including Target, Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot/Office Max, EPI, and more! Once your supply lists are ready on our platform, we send an email with links to the lists that can be shared with parents on school or district websites via social media or email—really any way you communicate with parents. And the best part about TeacherLists? It’s 100% free to use for both schools and parents. Our revenue stream comes from our partnerships with national retailers and CPG brand partners.

How Does TeacherLists Work?

What you do:

  • Upload your lists to our platform (word doc, jpeg, pdf, etc.)
    • Teachers upload individual classroom lists
    • School administrator uploads all supply lists for the school
    • Districts upload lists for all schools

What we do:

  • Convert your lists to our platform
  • Match list items to the exact SKU/ASIN products on major retailer websites including Target, Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot/Office Max, EPI, and more
  • Email the person who uploaded the original lists with a link to the digitized lists and instructions for sharing the lists with parents

Final steps:

  • Share your lists with school parents
    • Place one of our banners on your school or district site by simply copying the code we provide; banners will automatically link to your lists
    • Use our email template to share with parents via email
    • Use our social media sharing buttons to share with parents on Facebook and Twitter

What parents then do:

  • Click on the link you share with them to download their classroom list to their phone, tablet, or desktop (there are no apps to download!)
  • Click on the retail button of their choice to purchase their list online
  • Check out with one click; their online shopping cart is already populated with the exact items on their list, so they can simply check out and have the list items sent directly to their door
  • If parents prefer to shop in-store, their list is available right on their phones—no more printouts to forget or misplace! For those who still wish to print their lists, they can simply click on the print button at the top of the list.

See a sample supply list

Ready To Give TeacherLists a Try?

If you’re ready to try TeacherLists, head on over to our Powerloader and upload a list. We accept most formats (word doc, pdf, jpeg, text, etc.). We’ll get right to work once your list is uploaded and send you a link to it when ready. Don’t worry, you can edit and change your list at any time.

Check Out Our TeacherLists Product Videos!

We’ve put together some short video presentations that illustrate how TeacherLists works. Take a look below.


Did you visit our booth at FETC and forget to ask a question or would simply like more information?

If so, feel free to contact us:

Charlene LaFerriere
800-644-3561 ext. 209

Matthew Condon
800-644-3561 ext. 248

Originally posted 2019

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