Free, Fun, and Inspiring Zoom Backgrounds for Teachers

Free, Fun, and Inspiring Zoom Backgrounds for Teachers

Updated 05/21/20

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These Zoom backgrounds are what you didn’t know you needed all along.


At this point in this unusual school year, teachers have been doing their thing remotely for months and many are looking forward to a break from the challenges of teaching from a distance. They’re also looking forward to their students and families seeing, well, less of their private lives (kids, spouses, dishes) in the background.

We can help with that part.

We’ve come up with Zoom backgrounds for teachers that are so much fun, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life. Take a look at your options:


In fact, we bet you’ll love them so much that you’ll want to keep using them even when your distance teaching wraps up for the school year (think summer Friday happy hours with your teacher friends). Check out the TeacherLists team doing just that.

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Zoom Background Tips for Everyone

To enable your virtual background on Zoom:

1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
2. Click your profile picture, then click “settings.”
3. Select “virtual background.”
4. Click “+” and select “add image” from the drop-down menu. Choose your downloaded background image from your computer.
5. Leave “mirror my video” unchecked so that the background image does not appear reversed.

Other tips to keep in mind:

• Don’t wear the same color as your background image.
• For the best results when using a virtual background, sit in front of a solid-colored wall.
• Check “I have a green screen” if you’re using a green screen.

What are you waiting for? Get in on the fun—and hide those dishes! 😉

Originally posted 2020

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