Help Your Child’s Teacher Win $500 for Their Classroom Wish List!

Updated 05/5/21

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Help Your Child’s Teacher Win $500 for the Classroom!

It can be a challenge for teachers to keep their classrooms stocked with supplies throughout the year— and with the average teacher spending more $500 of personal money on the classroom,* it’s an expensive one at that. That’s why we’re giving teachers the chance to win some of that money back in TeacherLists’ $500 Cash For Your Class Sweepstakes. And here’s a chance for parents like you to help your child’s teacher win!


*Source: Sheer ID Annual Survey, 2016-2017


What’s a classroom wish list?

Wish lists are the easy (and free) way for teachers to let parents know what they need for their classrooms, from paper towels to hand sanitizer to boxes of tissues. Our wish list service lets teachers easily create and share classroom needs with parents, and it’s also great for classroom parties and charitable initiatives, like “giving trees” that are popular during the holidays.


As a parent, how can I help?

Whether you’re a room parent, part of the PTO, or a parent who just wants to help out, you can help create a wish list for your child’s classroom. Here’s how:

  • Talk to your PTO leader about posting a wish list for your child’s teacher
  • Share this with your child’s teacher so she can post a wish list herself
  • Ask your child’s teacher what is needed for the classroom, then post a wish list on our site to share with parents


How do I post a classroom wish list?

It’s super easy! Simply click here to login and create a wish list, then click one of our share buttons to quickly share it with parents via your school website, social media pages, email, or parent app. The best part? Each wish list links directly to Amazon so parents can purchase items in seconds.


Help your classroom win by posting a wish list by Feb. 28th!

See official contest rules

Originally posted 2017

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5 Comments for Help Your Child’s Teacher Win $500 for Their Classroom Wish List!

sarah willis

dry erase markers
stationery and envelopes for writing center
large area rug or 22 carpet squares


    Hi Sarah – Thanks for these wish list items, however the best way to get these supplies for your classroom is to upload your class wish list and share it with parents! When you do so, not only will parents see what you need but you will also be entered into our contest to win $500.

    Here’s where you can begin posting your list:

    Good luck!

Mellisa LaPage

Our Small Schools are located in one of the highest poverty stricken areas in Vermont.
The kids have just started bringing home classroom wishlist because they have used up the craft supplies that were purchased for the year.
I would love to see our schools win this to restock their craft supplies


    Hi Mellisa – Did you post a classroom wish list? That’s the best way to enter the sweepstakes. Good luck to you and your students!

Beverly Reed

H,i just want to say that i hope that West Monroe High School win the wish list because we are the number one school in ouathica parish we could use this wish list thanks from West Monroe High School