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Updated 04/24/19

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Does your school use the SchoolMessenger platform? Great news! Sharing your back to school supply lists on your website is now even easier. If your SchoolMessenger website was implemented after May 2016, the ability to use TeacherLists already exists within it – you just need to activate it !

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There are 2 pages that already exist on your SchoolMessenger site that you will need to activate to have your supply lists visible to parents on your website.

1. Teacher Supply List – Used to display the supply list for all visiting parents

2. Supply List Uploader page – Used by teachers to upload their own teacher list


To make the Teacher Supply List visible if it is not already:

1. Login to the main home page

2. Go to the “Parents/ For Parents” page which is in two places:

a. As a hidden page on the top navigation bar

b. Or a visible page on the top navigation bar

3. If the page appears hidden do the following:

a. Hover over Page Options

b. Click Page Status to get a popup

c. Scroll to find Parents/ For Parents

d. Click “Show” radio button

e. Click Close

making teacherlists visible


4. Once the “Parent / For Parents” is displayed on the main menu bar, hover over the page link to verify that the Teacher Supply List is also displaying as a subpage

teacher supply list screenshot


  1. If not, click “Parent/ For Parents” and repeat step 3 to make Teacher Supply List visible.

If your lists are already in the TeacherLists system, they should be visible on your site!


Lists not on the TeacherLists site yet? Upload them to us so they’ll be visible to parents! We’ve made it super easy for you to do this right from your SchoolMessenger site.

If the Supply List Uploader page is not already visible, do the following:

1. Login to the main home page

2. Go to “Teachers / For Teachers” page which is in two places:

a. As a hidden page on the top navigation bar

b. Or a visible page on the top navigation bar

3. Repeat Step 3 – 5 of making Teacher Supply List visible above, until Supply List Uploader page is visible.

Once the Supply List Uploader page is visible, you can use it to submit your Teacher Supply Lists.


Populating & Submitting Supply Lists  

1. Navigate to the Supply List Uploader page and complete the List Manager section (First Name, Last Name & Email Address).

assign a list manager page


2. Enter the number of classrooms that will access this list (example: “4” if there are (4) first grade classrooms using this list) and click Upload List to browse your computer to retrieve the list

enter number of classrooms page



3. Once you have found the Supply List that you want to upload, click on it to select. To complete the upload select “Done” or select “Upload Another List” to continue.

upload a list page



4. Once you have finished adding all the lists you would like to upload, select “Done”.

select the done button



5. Check YES or NO to the question that displays and your lists will be Uploaded to TeacherLists.

donation page


6. After your lists have been successfully uploaded, the following SUCCESS! message will be displayed; click OK. TeacherLists will send you an email when lists are posted.

success page


7. Once the lists are digitized (generally within 24-48 hours), they will be visible on your website. Navigate to the Teacher Supply List display page after 48 hours to review the Teacher List. You do NOT need to do anything more to post them onto your site.

supply lists page



**The ability to display TeacherLists supply lists directly through the SchoolMessenger site is only available for those schools who have implemented SchoolMessenger since our partnership began in the spring of 2016. Did you begin with SchoolMessenger prior to this time?  You can still add a banner or hot link to your TeacherLists page onto your school web page.

Here’s more info on how to do it: Add a link to your website


Editing a List

Once your list is posted, have an item to add or quantity to change? Click here for instructions on editing your list.


Want to post your list directly onto the TeacherLists site, and then go back later to  add it to your SchoolMessenger site? No problem! Log in OR Create your account here.


Hope this helps! If you have additional questions about how to implement our supply list solution in your SchoolMessenger platform, please contact the SchoolMessenger support team at Other questions? Email us at!

Originally posted 2017

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