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TeacherLists.com made the supply list process easier for everyone! quote

Tovah Kunbkle had been looking for a better way to manage the school supply list process at her school.  As the school secretary it was her job to gather lists from the teachers, compile them, get approval and then print and copy them for distribution – it was cumbersome at best.  In spring of 2012 she entered all the teacher’s back-to-school supply lists on TeacherLists.com, easily added any items the school office required and then posted a link to the lists on their school website. No more paper copies!  And now that the lists are online it’s even easier to update for next year.  “TeacherLists.com made the supply list process easier for everyone, especially the office staff,” Kunbkle said “we will use it again next year and I would definitely recommend the program to other schools.”


Originally posted 2013

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