Last Minute Gift Ideas for Teachers

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Teachers

Updated 12/15/16

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header-lastminutegiftsEver spend hours planning, shopping, wrapping and decorating only to realize that you somehow forgot someone?  Well if it happens to you and you find yourself in a last minute bind for a special teacher at school, here are a few ideas that will work AND will be appreciated!

 Gift Cards with a Laugh

Gift cards are always good gifts and when we saw these cute ones from, we decided to make our own that have that special brand of supply wit! Give these and you’ll look like you really “get” teachers and their classroom needs. Who wouldn’t like to get one of these for the holidays?

A Compliment Good Enough to Eat

A compliment and something delicious. Why not?  We get that baking takes time, so if you don’t have time to make up a loaf of pumpkin or banana bread, just grab something fresh from your favorite local bakery and wrap it up nicely with this cute wrapper!

A Promise of a Happy Future

Okay so we’re not saying you have to conjure up complete happiness but even the smallest of gestures can put a smile on someones face. Use these cute printable IOUs to help your favorite teacher out after the holidays. You can promise coffee delivery, help in the classroom, a bottle of wine or even lunch delivery from their favorite spot!



Originally posted 2016

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