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Updated 07/11/16

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It goes without saying that the school secretary runs the school – Like. A. Boss. Which means she or he needs some serious back-up in the form of a survival kit! With $500 to spend you can put together a fabulous stash of goodies to make 2016-2017 manageable!



School Secretary Survival Kit

1. Back massager

2. Note cards

3. Red Swingline Stapler

4. Tacks

5. Dauber

6. Batteries

7. Puffs tissues

8. Motrin

9. Tea bags

10. Nail file

11. Mint life savers

12. Chocolate

13. Mint flavored lip balm


Now what have we forgotten? Oh yes – for the teacher that likes to get away we’re giving you some ideas on how to spend some money on goodies for your next escape!


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Originally posted 2016

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Andrea Parsons

I need this!!!

Kiesha Watkins

Thanks for all you do for our school!

Michelle Seukunian

your details for school secretary say 2016-2017
please update