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Updated 07/11/16

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Now, we’ve given you a whole list of items that, as a teacher, you cannot live without and may want to spend your Love Your Lists $500 winnings on. But today, we’re going to plug you in to some ideas you’re going to love if you are a teacher who loves technology!



The Techie Teacher

1. Amazon Echo

2. Facebook custom “like” stamp

3. Portable Document Photo Scanner

4. Iphone shaped sticky notes

5. Pencil ear buds

6. Social network tie

7. Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

8. Star Wars light saber laser pointer 

9. Belkin Rockstar Headphone Splitter

10. Screen cleaning tools

11. Tablet storage and charging station


We’re going to continue to help you daydream about what you’ll spend your $500 winnings on as we pull together must-haves for the main office.


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Originally posted 2016

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3 Comments for Love Your Lists – The Techie Teacher

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Those are great essentials and looks like they would be hard to resist! Having all the things you need makes a demanding easier to deal with. Those techie teacher essentials are very interesting, especially the Facebook Like stamp. Would love to check them out.

Shantrell Johnson

Wow! This a great list of tech classroom materials for a tech geek 3rd Grade Teacher!!! I love it and I need it!! ❤️❤️❤️

Bobbi Yusko

Just got my program back and would love to have electronics that work in my classroom!! So many things on that list would be put to good use! Even students with special needs love to learn through electronics!!! But the Echo and charging stations would be awesome!!!!!