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Updated 07/11/16

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Sometimes daydreaming just won’t cut it and you need more – we’re talking foreign lands, exotic cultures and the excitement of exploring a new destination. Throw caution to the wind and spend your $500 Love Your Lists winnings on these must haves for the jet setting teacher.



The Traveling Teacher

1. GPS for Geocaching

2. Comfy and stylish shoes to be in all day (Tieks)

3. Travel bag on wheels (for supplies too)

4. Map washi tape

5. Coffee/Teach/Repeat travel mug

6. Globe for classroom

7. Travel themed post it notes

8. Eiffel tower paper clips

9. Puffs softpack

10. Solar powered battery charger 


Now obviously there are unlimited ways you can spend $500 in winnings. We’ve merely tried to offer you a few ideas: get the creative juices flowing. But now think – what would you buy?


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Originally posted 2016

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