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Updated 12/16/20

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With the Wish List Registry, teachers can get what they need for the classroom in an organized way, with no duplicates.

TeacherLists Wish List Registry

We just made it easier than ever for your students’ parents to help keep your classroom stocked. It takes just minutes to post a wish list, and parents can pledge to donate an item right online—just like a registry! You’ll receive an email that your wish is on its way, the person donating will receive an email reminder, and your list will be automatically updated so others will not purchase the same thing—super cool and super easy!


Parents view your list.


They pledge items to donate to the classroom.


Your list is updated so your parents know what you still need.


What are you wishing for?

Whether you have big wishes like ipads and smartboards, small wishes like a restock of tissues and wipes, or just need a little help with treats and craft supplies for your next classroom celebration, wish lists are the easy way to share your requests with parents. Get started!

Check out our Quick Start Wish Lists—the fastest way to get your list posted.

Originally posted 2013

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Jenna Landry

My first year of teaching can be so exciting but also so expensive. Any little help would be so helpful. Thank you in your advance for your help. Jenna