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Updated 08/29/18

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Mora, Minnesota is a great family town located just north of the Twin Cities and Trailview Elementary is one of two elementary schools in the town. The words of their principal speaks volumes – “We want to establish partnerships with parents and with the community…Neither home nor school can do the job alone. [A parent’s] support for their child and for the school is critical to their child’s success at every step along the way.”

This philosophy led them to adopt TeacherLists: they wanted to help parents and teachers at Trailview work together to supply each child with a successful school year.

The way they adopted TeacherLists isn’t a superhero story or complicated implementation. It just so happens that one individual, Jodi Hackler, took it upon herself to introduce this program to the teachers and parents because she thought it could do a lot of good at their school.

Jodi knew that every teacher at the school was looking for a more efficient and effective way to communicate with their parents especially when it came to back-to-school. She collected the teacher’s lists, uploaded them to and coordinated with the school so that a link to the supply lists was available on the school website. She reached out to parents to let them know how and where to access lists though Trailview’s back-to school newsletters and the PTO.

Jodi says the best thing about their first year with TeacherLists is that it allowed parents easy access to the supply lists. They could access the information any time they they needed to on their phone or computer. Seeing that this was working well for their community, Trailview decided to not just use TeacherLists for standard supply lists but for “extra” items that were needed in the classroom. Jodi created lists with ideas for teacher gifts so that parents could easily find an idea that was appropriate and useful for their child’s teacher; both for holidays and end of year gifts. She also set up special event lists so that when there was a need, parents knew!

TeacherLists really helped Trailview further their partnership with their school parents; bringing everyone together to supply the classes with what was most needed for a successful year!

Originally posted 2016

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