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Resources for Teachers Managing Emergency School Closings

Updated 07/13/20

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If you’re like most teachers, you’re busy balancing your school’s online curriculum with connecting on a human level with your students, all while taking care of your family.

Here are some of the best free resources for teachers including subscriptions, online tools, ideas, and ways to have a little fun while navigating this new situation of school closures and online learning.


Tools and Resources for Teachers

Common Sense Media created a page with Resources for Educators During the Coronavirus Pandemic with free tips and tools to support teachers who are transitioning to online and at-home learning. Check out these resources to supplement online curriculum provided by your school:

  • Extensive tools and advice for virtual education, including student-led learning and virtual field trips
  • Remote teaching resources for core subjects
  • Tools for video collaboration and discussion and communicating with parents
  • Digital citizenship resources for challenges and cyberbullying students may face as learning and interaction moves online
  • Family education materials
  • Researched strategies to ease stress and encourage learning
  • News and media literacy to help students and families understand what information is credible and what isn’t
  • Media balance tips

Common Sense Media also created a huge list of resources for parents that includes educational activities and lesson plans that teachers will find useful, too. Authors, artists, musicians, and creators of educational tools are offering free access to their materials, lessons, and products. The best part—Common Sense will update the list as new events, activities, and resources are announced.

We Are Teachers has a Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities—and it is big! The list includes more than 50 of the best virtual author activities for elementary, middle, and high school students, and young adults.

We Are Teachers also lists 60+ Awesome Websites for Teaching and Learning Math, and they’re, well, awesome!

Trend Micro is holding a series of free #StayAtHome webinars to support the ongoing education of parents and teachers. Join one of these 30-minute weekly sessions to discuss challenges and get answers from Trend Micro experts and guests on topics like managing family privacy and dealing with cyberbullying. (You can also watch the recorded sessions later.)

Scholastic Learn at Home is offering 20 days of educational activities and projects broken into grade levels up through ninth grade.

The Learning Network is a content site by the New York Times devoted to middle and high school teaching resources and tools across subject areas. Most resources are designed by teachers and are free; the exception is lesson plans, which are limited to five per month for nonsubscribers. The site’s content includes:

  • Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, Learning, and Thinking Critically
  • Professional development through on-demand webinars
  • Writing and discussion prompts
  • Film club documentaries and multimedia resources
  • Contests, quizzes, and crosswords

Dreambox is offering a 90-day free trial (let’s hope we don’t need more time than that!) of its 2,000 math lessons for grades K-8.

The Huffington Post recently asked teachers in its Facebook community to post their favorite free learning websites and apps for kids. Share these skills games, activities, printables, YouTube channels, assignments, and even exercise sites with your school’s parents so kids can continue learning while they’re out of school.



It’s important to take care of yourselves, now more than ever. Carve out a little time to actually do some of the health-focused activities you’ve been intending to try. And who knows—you might be able to incorporate some of these practices into your classroom next fall.

Yoga app Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere is offering free access to all its health and fitness apps (Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout) until July 1 for all students and teachers.

Disconnect from anxiety and distance yourself from the barrage of coronavirus information with the Calm app, which is free for teachers and students.

Headspace has a social impact initiative that focuses on helping educators reduce stress, increase resilience, and improve sleep. Right now all K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff get free access to the app.

We Are Teachers posted some tips for caring for your mental health in the middle of the pandemic. Check out recommendations for giving yourself a break, staying busy, getting active, calming your mind, staying connected, and remembering to laugh.

Several YouTube channels have online exercise classes so you can get a workout even when gyms are closed. Check out Fitness Blender, which offers free yoga, pilates, and strength training classes.

Comfort foods taste really good right now, but a nutritional psychiatrist wants you to think about foods that can help alleviate anxiety. MindBodyGreen shares four ways to use food as medicine to help you stay calm.


Life Skills

Chances are you have children of your own at home, and they’re bored and not exactly going anywhere. What better time than now to impart some important life skills?

One Chicago Tribune writer put together a list of skills she plans to teach her twins now that she has a captive audience. The bucket list includes how to tie a necktie, how to cook five basic recipes, how to properly clean a bathroom, how to change a tire, and how to sew a button, among others, and all include YouTube tutorial links.

Do your kids know how to boil water? Do you have any idea what to do with quinoa? The Seattle Times shares advice about how to cook for and with kids during the extended school closures.

No Signal, a podcast that walks listeners through their tech questions, offered a recent bonus episode about cleaning your devices in the time of coronavirus. Listen to No Signal wherever you hear your podcasts.

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