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Updated 02/27/17

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Cool, new features for the New Year!

We heard you!

Last year, we polled our TeacherLists users and got some terrific suggestions for how to make TeacherLists even better. Over the last few months we’ve used this information to make some great improvements to our site.


Amazon – pledge & purchase right from your Wish List!

Did you know that TeacherLists now partners with Amazon to make donating classroom supplies easier than ever? Your parents can pledge and purchase the items right from your Wish List. Check out our blog for more info on how to use Amazon to purchase Wish List Items.


Search right in your dashboard!

Now, quickly find the list you need without scrolling through all your lists!

We know how frustrating it can be to scroll through your lists to find the right one to edit. This is especially true if you have multiple lists or similar names. Using  basic information (name, grade, etc.), you can now search for a specific list and quickly update it for the upcoming school year.

List Managers  can now search their lists by Grade or List Name


Admins  can now search by Teacher Email, Creator Email, Grade or List Name.


New Year, New List Manager  Admins, quickly change the List Manager of a list

Speaking of lists, we’ve made it easier than ever for Admins to change the List Manager associated with a list. Have a teacher that has changed grade level or isn’t coming back? Change the List Manager of that list to another teacher. Simply click the down arrow on the current List Manager for all users associated with that school. Then, select the appropriate person — don’t forget to click save!


Optional Items – Tell your parents what you’d love to have!

We’ve noticed many teachers are adding items to their supply lists that they would love to have donated but aren’t required items. We’ve added a great way of indicating this to parents – simply click the Qualifiers  button to add the “Optional” term to items on your supply list that are not required

By the way, you can also indicate other Qualifiers (Boys/Girls & Last Names) in this manner as well. This is helpful when you want one group of students to bring a specific item, and another group of students, to bring a different item.


New Error MassagingQuickly identify & fix an issue

We know how frustrating it can be to get an error message when creating or uploading your lists! So, we’ve made some changes in the Powerloader and in the List Create screen so you can easily tell where the problem is. Find and fix the problem in the time it takes to say “Where’s the school supply list?”!

Powerloader screen:

List Create page:



We’ve even added an alert to remind you to save your list before leaving a page. Put an end to lost work by inadvertently clicking the back button!

Error message:


New Account Set upDistrict Staff User Type added

Are you a District Staff Member who felt unloved? No worries – we’ve added an additional User Type just for you. Now, when users select School Staff – Other, there is an option to choose between School Staff  or District Staff.



Ready to get started? Post or Upload your list here!

Check out out Support Page full of more info on how to make the most of your TeacherLists account. Still more Questions or comments?  Get in touch with us via email at or by calling us at 800/644-3561 x6.



Originally posted 2017

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