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Updated 04/24/19

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Thank you for Using TeacherLists!

With back-to-school supply lists for over 750,000 classrooms and more than 40,000 schools across the nation, TeacherLists is the easiest way to efficiently manage your school supply lists and classroom wish lists right online! Read how Hatfield Elementary School has improved the school supply list process at their school using TeacherLists.

Thank you for selecting to update your list!

We will now:

1) Add a Few Favorite Back-to-School Brands to Your Supply List.
2) Email you a link to your list to share with parents on your school website, via email, in your school newsletter, and even on your social networks!
3) Share your lists with Target and Staples – your parents will instantly be able to shop your school’s lists right online!
4) Send YOU a sampling of supplies from our generous sponsors!!



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Have questions?

We’d love to help! Call us at 800-644-3561 x6 or email us at tlsupport@teacherlists.com.

* Only while supplies last and school supply gifts vary!  Offer only valid for select teachers who received the TeacherLists email offer.

Originally posted 2016

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203 Comments for Special Offer for TeacherLists Users!

Rachel schweich

Yes please on free samples

Karena Langan

Thank you in advance for your help with supplies, I’m truly grateful. Hope everyone has a great school year.


    You are welcome, we hope you have a great year too! (Enjoy these final days of summer!)

amelia dunn

thank you so much for all of your help. I greatly appreciate what you have been able to do for myself, my school and the community as well as other communities. thank you so much you truly are appreciated. the kids and teachers have enjoyed receiving the items in the mail and having help instead of spending money form their pockets or going without. with your help others have stepped up to help as well. thank you so much for your generosity and help I greatly appreciate it.


    You are very welcome!

      Jo Comans

      Please send free supplies to Arlington Elementary School, 3511 Arlington Street, Pascagoula, MS 39581.

      Thank you for all you do for students! You are awesome!

Jenn I.

Thank you for the supplies, they are greatly appreciated!

Nancy Farrior

Thank you for helping with supplies and sharing the lists with major retailers. It helps teachers, parents, and students!


This is wonderful! I will put the link on our website and FB page. Our parents are loving this!

Thank you very much for wanting to send the free samples!

Jacci Anderson

I love using teacherlists.Com when creating my school supply lists. They make it easy to notify parents.

Diana padilla

Thank you for your generosity & great way to start the new school year!

Sabrina Stokes

thanks for the free supplies!!!


Thanks so very much for the free supplies!

Leslie Bass

Thanks for supporting teachers and classrooms.

Raeleen Burke

Thank you for the samples! I love Teachers List and very appreciative of all the support you show teachers.


    Thanks Raeleen! Thanks for all you do for our kids!

Christine P

Thank you for the supplies!!


Thank You so much!

Tina Maher

Thanks for the supplies

Kristin Withrich

Thank you so much!!! As teacher we spend so much of our already small paycheck on supplies for our classroom this is such a blessing!

cynthia Smith

I am very excited about this new feature this year. It has made communicating with parents much more simpler. thank you

Brian L

Thanks for the extra supplies!

Ursala Thomas

Thank you for the extra supplies!

Billie Rainey

Thanks for your support as we begin SY 2016-2017.

Cristina Gonzales

Thank you for this offer!

Barbie Pabon-Reyes

Thank you for my supplies!

eileen marie

I clicked on the link in my email. Is that all I have to do to receive my supply samples? Thank you! Love that you can share the list with Target & Staples now!


    Hi Eileen, Yes, that is all you need to do! Super easy, just like Teacherlists ;). We are very excited about Target and Staples too – now school supply shopping is a breeze too!

Lisa Byers

Yes, please send me free supplies

Sandra Timbalari

Thank you so much for your support! I love the samples you send. I always need exactly what you send.

Marissa Martinez

Thank you so much for all you do to help teachers take care of our kiddos.


With the help of teachers list it has given me a way to let others know what I need in class, and also the ability to have support for getting those helpful things that I need my class. Thank you, you all are amazing in helping student and teachers.


    Thanks Ron! We are happy to help, thanks for using TeacherLists!

Marci Carrigan

Thanks so much!


So excited that I found TeacherLists. I have already shared with my colleagues. 🙂 Thank you for the supplies. I am very grateful.


    Thanks for sharing Margaret!!

Tarkyshia Wade

Thank you for putting my list in the stores.


    You are very welcome Tarkyshia. Your lists will be shared with both Target and Staples in 2016.

Mercy obiorah

I uploaded my list for my 4 kids, but havnt heard any reply since one month.

Jeanetta Gray

Wow. Supplies are always needed and appreciated. TeacherLists ROCKS!!


    Thanks Jeanetta, we think you rock too! Thanks for all you do for our kids!

Angela Knight

Thank you for making it so much easier to share supply lists with our families.


    You are welcome Angela, thank you for using TeacherLists!

Margo Simpson

I love Teacher Lists it is the absolute best and easy to update.


    Thanks for the kind words Margo! And thanks for using TeacherLists – happy to hear you love it!

Gail Mercurio

Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated!

Nancie O'Connell

Thank you for helping to make the school year easier for the students and teachers with these supplies! Yes to the free samples please!
Nancie O’Connell

Jackie Elliott

I would love to save some money on school supplies this year. Thank you very much for your support

Candace P.

Thank you for the supplies you send. Anything I get for my students helps, since most of the time I am the one who buys supplies for my children out of my own pocket. Keep up the great work!


    You are welcome – thanks for participating!

Debra McEathron

love this program


    Thanks Debra! (We do too 🙂


Thank you so much for helping out with school supplies. My students and I will be forever grateful 🙂


    You are welcome, thanks for using TeacherLists!

Sabrina Stokes

Free samples….yes, Please and Thank you!!!!!

Charity Hignite

Thank you so much for all you do for us. You all are amazing!


    Thank you Charity! Thank you for all you do for our kiddos!

Carissa Smith

Thank you for the free samples!

Stephanie Harris

Thank you so much!!! I’m looking forward to receiving additional supplies that will enhance my classroom learning environment!


    You are very welcome!

Whitney Oates

Thank you so much for the free samples!! I work in a very high poverty school and every little thing is greatly appreciated!!!


Thank you for helping teachers and children start the year.

Donna Shelton

Thanks for supporting your students and schools.

Mary Ramsey

Yes please

Sara Tomlinson

Free supplies for non-classroom teachers are very valuable!!!

Manal abuhouran

Thank You !!!

Carla Herbst

Thanks for supplying supplies to my classroom

Amy Takagaki

Thank you for helping the teachers at Marshall Elementary!

Brenda L Roberts

Thanks so much for your generosity!! Looking forward to sharing my free samples with my colleagues!

Hector Mendez

Thank you for the supplies in advance.


Thank you!!! Anything is helpful.

Maureen Andrews

Thank you in advance for the free supplies!


    A big thanks to our generous back-to-school supply sponsors!

Catherine wedge

Yes on the supplies. Thank yiy


    You are very welcome! Enjoy your school supplies!

Guillermo Miranda

Yes on the free school supplies, Thank you for all your support!


Thank you for all you do!

Teresa Fountain

Due to the low income area near my school, I will be most appreciative of whatever supplies I can gather before school starts. It will sure help my students get off to a good start! Thank you!!

Brandi Gillson

I’m no longer at LaMora Park. I am being moved to Ann J Kellogg. Can I get my supplies sent there?


Thanks for the supplies!


    You are very welcome!

Milissa Tillery

Please send supplies to:
Milissa Tillery
Taylors Elementary School
809 Reid School Rd.
Taylors, SC 29687

Thank you so much.

Racheal A Matos

I am very excited to make it easier for my families to get the supplies necessary for my students success!


    Great! Did you see how easy it is to shop the list now too? If a parent chooses they can click right over to Target to purchase their exact list – Target will even fill the shopping cart for you! Very convenient!

Colleen Bender

Thanks for the free supplies for my students.


    You are welcome! Thanks for using TeacherLists!


This is awesome! Thank you!


    You are very welcome, enjoy your school supplies!

Realynn Cordova

Thank you so much for any help you can give my amazing students with special needs ♡♡


    You are very welcome! Enjoy your school supplies, and thank you for all you do for our kids!

Gabriella Perez

This sounds wonderful! I’d love some supplies 🙂

Carla Franklin

I cannot thank you enough for the supplies and your support for children in the Galveston area. You are amazing and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


Sarah Bails

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for partnering with education.

Kim White

Thank you for the free samples!

Brian Clark

Please help! Whatever you can do would be appreciated.

Victoria Almaraz

Thank you for the samples!

Dorothy Borgese

Yes thank you


Thank you for making back to school easy!!

Lori Lurquin

I would truly appreciate some supplies for our classroom.

Sylvia Chairez

Thank you in advance! Definitely sharing with my parents!


    Thank you! We’re pretty sure your parents will love it! Especially the new retail links that allow you to click right over to purchase your exact list. So convenient!!


Thank you so much! The gifts are very much appreciated!

Christina Hawkins

Thanks for the free supplies!


Your store is awesome, I find so much I need there.

Jeannie Simpson

Thank you for helping supply our classrooms!

Carrie Lowe

Clorox Wipes and sharpies

Lou Ann Martin

Free supplies would be fantastic

Paula Reinovsky

Thank you so much for the offer of free supplies. There is always a need for school supplies, and as a teacher…I enjoy passing on the gifts to kids who need them.

Pamela Diaville

Thanks for all the ideas and advice on school supplies. Have a great school year?

Jori Kelley

Thank you in advance for the free samples and help with my supplies this year!

Niki Akers

Love to have the samples. They will help us so very much! Many thanks

Theresa Weaver

You have no idea how much I appreciate the generosity of people. Young children our are future! Any supplies will enhance their education.
Thank you
Theresa Weaver

Michelle Nowak

Great supplies for the 2016-2017 school year!

Sara Conaway

Thank you bet much .

Cassandra Stovall

I want to thank you for the wonderful job that you do with school supplies. I am the elementary library media specialist, therefore I see every student in our school promoting reading literacy, computer literacy and the love of books. It is so important to have supplies for all the writing, art pictures to go with our reading, reading and science fair projects being researched and done at our school. As a teacher we do not know which student will be the next teacher, psychologist, artist, nurse or doctor. We must be prepared.



Kathy Flanagan

Thank you for any supplies, they are always needed and very appreciated!!!

Yolanda Hover

Thanks so much for your support!


    You are very welcome! And a huge thanks to our generous sponsors for donating all those great school supplies! Have a great year!

Lauren Ortiz

Thanks so much for helping our class to have a successful school year.

Laura Hairston-Porter

Thank you so much! I can put these to good use.

cassandra allen

Thanks in advance for the school supplies


    You are very welcome! And a huge thanks to our generous sponsors for donating all those great school supplies!

Manal Abuhouran

Thank you for some great products!!!

Linda Martinez

I would love to receive the free samples. Hueneme Christian School, 312 North Ventura Road, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Shannon Maynard

Thank you. Extra supplies are always helpful and appreciated.

Donna DeGood

Free supplies sure help

Johanna Calderon

I’ve changed to another school. I’m currently at John I. Smith K-8 center.


    Thanks Johanna, we will make that change for you!

Shelly Lewis


Tunja Daniels

I would love to have the free supplies! We all need some help with providing for the children!!!


    I’d never thought of owning a book mobile..now it’s all I can think of. It would be cool to sell gerlpaohicalgy, i.e. stock up on Eugenides when you’re in Detroit, read Gatsby on Long Island, etc.

Luis Diaz Cheverez

Thank you fot the supplies last year. I’d like to receive the free samples. Thanks

Lori Erskine-Dodds

That is so kind of you to offer some free school supplies for our classrooms! This is a great way for students to see what is needed before school begins and may purchase these items on tax free days to help them save.

Thank you

Allison Millard

Yes please send free supplies and thank you!

Mimi Houston

Thank you sooooo much! Truly appreciated!!!?

Michelle Jones

What a blessing to offer free material for the opening of schools such a great help to teachers at the beginning of the year when funds are low and the needs are high.
Thank you!!!

Karen Carpener

Yes, I would love new supplies! Thank you!

Kristen Gouldner

Yes please on free supplies

Judy Parsons

Would love free supplies

Amy Hillwig

Yes, Please on free samples!! Thank you!

Daniel Harada

Yes please! Everything helps, especially for us early career educators.

Pearlie L. Williams

`Thank you in advance for the much needed school supplies. My students and i are very grateful, we are looking forward to a great school year! Wishing the best to my fellow educators.

Cindy Harris-Sola

Free stuff helps all; students and teachers. Please and thank you.


Thank you for free samples and making lists easy to manage.

Liz Hartmann

Thank you so much!

Karla Furches

Thank you so much for the supplies 🙂 What a great way to start a school year!!


Yes to the free supplies please!

Christine Allen

Please send free supplies.


Yes, please send us free supplies to Long Branch Elementary PTCO, 4035 Long Branch Rd., Liverpool NY 13090
Thank you!

Melissa Lee


Victoria Dorsey

thanking you advance for helping with supplies for my 7th graders

Gloria Monsivais

Ready for a new year!

Debra Lutkenhaus

Yes, I am a first year teacher in a title 1 school. I need all the extra help possible. I thank you all for everything you do. If you could send some supplies to me that would be awesome

Laura LeMay

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children! Takes a village!

Kathy G

Supplies are always appreciated, Thank you.
I love TeacherLists! It is super easy to create my class list and share with parents. I encourage my colleagues to take a few minutes to make their own list and share.
Thank you for making it so easy and accessible for teachers, parents and students.

Christina Kimmel

This is great!

Terri Reyes

Thank you for all that you do to help make our jobs as teachers easier! 🙂

Laura Pasfield

Any help is appreciated.

Sandi Rommel

This is a wonderful gift of free samples. Thank you for supporting all teachers and their classrooms.

Candace Koop

Thank you for providing this service for teachers to be able to publish their lists for students & parents!

Teresa Koonsman

Thank you! Appreciate you helping so many with the school supplies needed each year!

Tamra Mayle

Thank You!

Amy Baldwin

Thanks for being awesome! Looking forward to a great school year at my new school!

Pedro Torres

Thank you so much for your help!!! Thanks for the coupons too!

Lori Coulahan


Nancy Holcomb

Thank you so much for the free supplies.

Jennifer Bostian

Thank You for the Free Samples

Desiree Gonzales

Our school could really use free samples please thanks for everything

nichole kherkher

Thank you so much for the supplies. They are greatly appreciated!

Therese Wind

These extra supplies will be a great addition. Thank you!

Silvia Lloyd

Thank you in advance for all your help! I greatly appreciate! Thanks again.

Dana Pierce Dardenne Elementary School

Please send sample box to 620 Big Horn Dr. O’ Fallin, MO. 63368. Attn: Dana Pierce, Coordinator, Dardenne Elementary

Ms Smith

Thank you so much!

Amber Monbleau

Teachers everywhere probably really appreciate this. Thank you so much for all your help..

Frenchie Fuller

I would love the supplies! I appreciate all you do to assist teachers and classrooms!

Jill Mullis

Thank you, thank you! It means A LOT!!!!

Linda Rowland

Thanks bunches!


Thank you for the free samples!!!

Pamela Wilson

This is a great program!

Amanda Macias

Love this website, it is truly a helpful tool! Thank you

Maria Cloud

Yes, Please send me some school supplies or tell me how to get some.
Thank you.

Amanda Macias Hernandez

I love TeacherLists, it is such a helpful tool and very easy to use! Thank you so much!

Sandra Keil

Yes, please on school supplies! Thank you. ?

Julie Keohohou

Happy New School Year!!

Debra Davis

Thank you so much for the supplies!

DeTreecia Nix


Lena McCarthy

Thank you for having such a wonderful way to connect parents with my supply list. Thank you for generous donations to my class! We can definitely use the supplies!

Mary Green

Thank you in advance for help with the school supplies.

Alisha Carnes

Thank you for the great supplies!

Kamla Cusick

Thank you, TeacherLists.com and sponsors!!

Karimar Weekes

Thank you so much for all of your help with supplies. Our parents will truly appreciate it. This is great!

stacy Glasscock

Thank you in advance for the supplies, We can use supplies.

M. A. Canale

Thank you for your continued support to our students and community!

Carmen Phan

Please send us the favorite supplies… Thank you

Brian Albrecht

Love Teacherlists! I think it should be the only place to find your supply lists. Keep up the great work! Thank you in advance for the supplies too!

Laure Candreva

Thank you!
Anything I can give kids is always appreciated!

Heather Crider

Thank you for organizing this promotion!

Katherine Riera

Thank you for all that you do for us and our children.


Thanks for supporting our schools!

Lucy Gracia


Request sent at beginning of school year. Please send supplies.

Lucy Gracia
Cunningham Elementary