TeacherLists.com and Wet Ones Team Up

TeacherLists.com and Wet Ones Team Up

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Very excited to add Wet Ones to our growing list of brand supporters!!

“Wet Ones® Hand Wipes are a perfect brand for all of our school support efforts at TeacherLists.com” notes the site’s founder, Tim Sullivan. “Teachers and parents alike tell us that killing germs in the classroom is a huge priority and a huge challenge. Teachers need the help with the supplies through the entire school year. Parents are willing to help. And this partnership between Wet Ones® Hand Wipes and TeacherLists.com makes that whole equation so much easier.”

With the support of our key sponsors like Wet Ones® Hand Wipes, we are able to offer a number of rewards programs that will provide hundreds of thousands of dollars of free school products to deserving schools. Stay informed at www.teacherlists.com/prizes.

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linda klotz

I have a first grader with a very severe food allergy (to all kinds of foods) and her mom suggested using Wet Ones for the class after every time they eat as hand sanitizer will NOT remove the proteins but Wet Ones will. I would love any free Wet Ones you could send. We have 28 students so will need so many canisters this year. Thank yuo for anything you can help us with.
Linda Klotz
Blue Oak School
2391 Merrychase Dr
Cameron Park, CA. 95682