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TeacherLists.com In the Press: Huge Back To School Season For TeacherLists.com

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There are a lot of great edtech sites out there for parents, but one that definitely takes the cake is TeacherLists.com. Now this site doesn’t offer lesson plans, homework ideas or math flash cards. More importantly it offers ease and convenience for parents in a very busy and somewhat emotional time for parents, Back to School.

It seems that most parents either get the back to school list in the mail, or it’s posted on a wall at the school when it’s time to go figure out what homeroom teacher your child will have. Walmart and Target typically get copies of the lists and put them out for all the parents as well. However, it seems that every year for my child’s school and my child’s grade, the list is missing. It’s just run away from all the other lists no matter where it’s supposed to be.

Schools are also notorious for updating gallery photos on their website but forgetting important stuff like the back to school supply lists.

Which makes this process even worse for parents everywhere is that every grade at every school has an entirely different list. Crayola glue sticks may be on one list, and Elmer’s glue on another, with a specific note not to bring the other brand. Sharpened number two pencils may be on one list while mechanical pencils may be on another. Improvisation is completely impossible.

That’s why Tim Sullivan created Teacherlists.com as a central, online database of back to school lists. This year, TeacherLists.com hit a major milestone by surpassing 650,000 school supply lists in its National School Supply Lists Directory, making it the largest and most active school supply lists directory available to teachers and parents today.

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TeacherLists.com and its National School Supply Lists Directory act as a simple, centralized protocol for back-to-school supply lists. Teachers use the free, online service to create, post and share digital school supply lists with parents via social media, school websites, eNewsletters, email and more. Parents, using their devices, can then view the list as they shop.

“School supply lists are a true driving force behind the back-to-school shopping season, yet for decades they have been handled in an archaic way with paper lists being sent home after the school year starts,” s Sullivan said. “By improving the way schools disseminate these lists and how parents can access them, we are solving a problem and making the process easier for all. Approximately 52 million parents will be shopping back-to-school deals, and many of them will be using TeacherLists.com as a tool to find what they need.”

To see if your child’s school supply list is live on the site, go to www.TeacherLists.com and click the “Find a List” button on the top navigation. Enter your zip code, find your child’s school and then their teacher’s list. If your teacher’s list is not yet posted, tell your teacher about TeacherLists.com. Not only is it both free and easy for teachers to use, just by posting lists teachers can enter to win prizes including money and free supplies for their classroom.

With support from trusted back-to-school brands like Elmer’s, Kleenex, Mead and now BIC, and tens of thousands of PTOs and PTAs nationwide, as well as national partners the NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals) and the NAEOP (National Association of Educational Office Professionals), the National School Supply Lists Directory already houses the largest collection of current school supply lists available anywhere. More than 30,000 schools already have lists posted on the site.

You can check out Teacherlists.com here.

Originally posted 2014

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