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TeacherLists Partners with Blackboard to Bring Fully-functional School Supply List Capabilities to Blackboard Schoolwires



As a Blackboard Signature Partner™, TeacherLists will exclusively provide and support modern school supply list functionality for all of Blackboard’s Schoolwires classroom and school websites.


Wrentham, MA (PRWEB) December 16, 2015

TeacherLists, today announced a partnership with Blackboard, Inc. to help teachers and schools manage and share school supply lists quickly and easily by integrating the TeacherLists tool with Blackboard’s leading classroom, school, and district website solution, Blackboard Schoolwires.

TeacherLists has transformed the traditional, inefficient and often frustrating school supply list process for millions of parents and families by creating one simple, standardized system for all lists. Currently used at over 34,000 schools and in more than 775,000 classrooms across the nation, TeacherLists’ free tool makes it faster and more efficient for schools to upload and share teachers’ supply and wish lists, and far simpler for parents then to provide the supplies their children need. This partnership means TeacherLists created and loaded by school administrators can be easily discovered and viewed by parents who rely on their school websites for pertinent school information.

“TeacherLists is about improving the entire process of school supply lists: making it easier, more efficient and smarter. We are aggressively working towards our goal of making TeacherLists the default school supply list solution for all schools and all parents, ” said Tim Sullivan, founder of TeacherLists. “Partnering with Blackboard is a major step in this direction. We both share a passion for connecting schools and parents more effectively, making this a perfect-fit partnership.”

“We are thrilled to welcome TeacherLists into our community of partners,” said Chris Crawford, Vice President of K-12 Community Engagement at Blackboard. “Making it easy for schools and districts to share information with community members is what Blackboard’s Community Engagement solutions are all about. The integration between TeacherLists and Schoolwires will enhance the capabilities of our products and strengthen communication between teachers and parents.”

For more information about Blackboard, please visit http://www.blackboard.com. For more information about TeacherLists, please visit http://www.TeacherLists.com.

About Blackboard Inc.
Blackboard is the world’s leading education technology company. We challenge conventional thinking and advance new models of learning in order to reimagine education and make it more accessible, engaging and relevant to the modern day learner and the institutions that serve them. In partnership with our customers and partners in higher education and K-12 as well as corporations and government agencies around the world, our mission is to help every learner achieve their full potential by inspiring a passion for lifelong learning. For more information about Blackboard, follow us on Twitter @Blackboard.

About TeacherLists
TeacherLists is the smarter way to manage, find and share school supply lists for teachers and parents, free-of-charge. After uploading a school supply list once, educators can easily update and link the list to a school or personal website. TeacherLists provides parents the freedom of accessing and finding the most updated school supply list, twenty four-seven. For more information about TeacherLists, visit https://www.teacherlists.com.

Originally posted 2015

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