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TeacherLists Partners with Over 1 Million Classrooms and Their Families to Make Back-to-School Easier and Better

Partnering with schools and retailers, TeacherLists brings technology to the back-to-school process making the season easier for millions of teachers and families.


Teacherlists, the only end to end digital solution for school supply lists, is excited to announce that this year it will partner with almost 1.2 million classrooms across the country to make back-to-school easier for teachers and school families.

The first online and mobile friendly solution to provide quick and easy access to exact classroom school supply lists, TeacherLists has not only become the go-to tool for schools but a welcome solution for millions of parents across the country. In addition to being a free and simple tool for schools, its growing popularity stems from how TeacherLists transforms supply list shopping into just three simple steps for parents: 1) Find, 2) Buy, 3) Receive.  A parent can search for their child’s exact list online, click over to a prefilled shopping cart on select national retail sites and then elect to ship the order or pick it up nearby.

“We love the feedback we have gotten from schools on how TeacherLists has simplified this process for schools resulting in better prepared students and more successful classrooms, “ said TeacherLists’ CEO, John Driscoll. “What we love just as much is that our partnerships with major online retailers like Target, Walmart and Jet.com means that TeacherLists also allows millions of parents to complete their school shopping quickly, with just a few clicks, and without the headaches and stress of past back-to-school seasons.”

Throughout this year, TeacherLists will continue working with technology partners and retailers to expand its network so that more and more schools and families benefit from an easier back-to-school season next year.

Originally posted 2017

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