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Updated 06/12/19

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St Paul’s Lutheran School in MD put together a mid-year wish list so that they could re-stock their classroom with needed supplies and here’s a little diddy about how it went.

Now, this is a story all about how
This school got filled – stocked up and down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how St. Paul’s got supplies to share

In Glen Burnie, MD built and run
In the classroom is where they have most of their fun
Chillin’ out writin’ readin’ a few
Making some artwork and cleaning up too
When a couple of supplies ran out for good
They decided to reach out to the neighborhood
They’d tried paper notices but needed an assist
Then the teacher had an idea – ‘we’re making a wish list’

She looked and she looked until the bell rang
Then wrote down what was needed for the gang
She fired up her computer and began to type
Set up a free account and said ‘now I get all the hype’

She finished up the list and sent it via email
The pledges started coming and there was no way to fail
If anything she would say that this was a snap
Parents were happy to contribute this and that

She called for the kids and when they came near
Their eyes were excited and they began to cheer
If anything they could say that this was some fun
Their wishes were fulfilled; pencils, paper, glue guns

Parents pulled up to the school one afternoon
And yelled to the principal ‘Hey Julie – ‘for the classroom‘
Then they looked all around a few weeks later
Supplies for all, the year couldn’t be greater!

Originally posted 2017

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