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This Year TeacherLists Helps Empower Millions of Schools and Families to Support Their Children’s Success in School

January 4, 2017

Over 1 million schools have benefited from using TeacherLists to communicate needs to parents

TeacherLists, the only end to end digital solution for school supply lists, announced that it has already partnered with over 1 million classrooms across the country to make back-to-school easier for teachers and school families.

As America’s 55 million students prepared to return to school this fall, many of them turned to the TeacherLists tool to find what they needed for their classroom. This year, lists from over 1 million classrooms at over 40,000 schools across every state were live on the site.

TeacherLists platform has grown since its inception in 2012 into a powerful technology hub that converts lists from all schools and all teachers into a standardized, flexible format. Its growing popularity stems from how easy it makes things for schools and parents. Every school can very simply post their supply lists online and parents can easily access the lists they need from any computer, tablet or smartphone – and even directly on popular retailer websites like Amazon and Target.

“It’s incredible to see our platform being used by so many people: EdTech partners, retail stores and individual teachers and families,“ said TeacherLists’ CEO, John Driscoll. “This is what we’ve worked so hard for over the past couple years. We wanted to transform how the school supply lists were done: making the entire process easier for everyone involved.“

Throughout this year, TeacherLists will continue working with technology partners and retailers to expand its network so that even more schools and families benefit from an easier back-to-school season next year.

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