To All the School Office Goddesses Who Make Our Schools Go ‘Round (and Keep Us Sane)

Updated 09/18/19

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School secretaries make the world go ’round (and probably up, down and sideways if asked nicely enough.) Calm, compassionate and all-knowing, they truly are School Office Goddesses, always there to lend a pen, a hand, a band-aid, a swift and calculated kick to the jammed copy machine (hey, you’ve gotta do it JUST right), or a friendly, polite answer when asked the same question for the umpteenth time (and yes, they most certainly DID send you a copy of the school newsletter last week; you just lost it…again!).

So, it’s a darn good thing someone out there in the school universe decided to start celebrating these fabulous, hardworking folks every spring. This year, School Secretary Appreciation Day falls on April 27, 2016. We asked our friends over at NAEOP (National Association of Educational Office Professionals) to share what school secretaries REALLY want, and we came up with two fun ways to gift the stuff they use and crave on pretty much a daily basis. Simply click the images below to download the free gift tag printables!

You Are the Sunshine of Our School (Basket of Sunshine)

school secretary basket of supplies

Our basket full of sunshine features everything in the world at Target that is useful or tasty, and yellow (or orange) of course. Items in ours: Lifesavers, batteries, Bic pens, Lysol disinfectant, Wet Ones wipes, Puffs tissues to go, Motrin, tacks, Godiva coffee, lemonade, Westcott scissors, ruler tape, Minions duct tape, emory board, yellow nail polish, Juicy Fruit, Post-It Notes, Lindt chocolate, Ricola cough drops, note cards, lip balm, highlighters, note paper and more.

Download “You are the sunshine of our school” gift tag printable


School Secretary Survival Kit 

TL School Secretary Survival Kit Pinterest 600x660

We were able to pack Godiva chocolate, Airborne, Puffs tissues, Bic Pens, a little Germ X, a lint roller, band-aids and tons more in our Hefty Slider Bag, but check out the list of actual supply requests (below) that we received when we polled REAL school secretaries over on Facebook. Pair your goodies with a wand (we got ours in the dollar section at Target) and our free bag topper template (fits Hefty gallon size slider bags)!

Download “School Secretary Survival Kit” bag topper printable (fits Hefty Slider Storage Bags)

Stationary Products:
Mechanical pencils
Correction tape
Dauber for all the mailings we have to do
Post it notes
Tape flags
“Sign here” tabs
Sticky tack
Colored gel pens
Clips–paper, binder
Pens on a chain that don’t disappear when asked “can I borrow a pen?”

Misc. Items:
Sewing kit
Repair kit for eyeglasses
Jump drive
Shout wipes
Hand warmers for the occasional recess duty @ -10 degrees
Ear plugs to minimize the roar of 500 happy students
Gift card for a massage and out to eat for relaxation
Inspirational quotes for school secretaries handbook

Health/Beauty Items:
Aleve / Ibuprofen
Emory board / nail file
Hand lotion
Disinfecting wipes
Ponytail holder
Hand sanitizer
Puffs tissues 
Extra pair of pantyhose (for when you get a run in the pair you are wearing)
Lip balm

Tools, etc.
Velcro zip ties to tie up computer cords
Duct tape
Vinyl gloves
Double stick tape
Fun tak
Screwdriver set

Food Items:
Diet Mountain Dew / soda
Microwave popcorn… for when you need people to come to you rather than having to track them down


Originally posted 2016

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