What Can You Do With An Extra Hour?

What Can You Do With An Extra Hour?

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When we run into parents we haven’t seen in a while and ask how they are, the most common response tends to be something like, “Good. Busy.” We especially hear this at back-to-school time. With teacher meetings, sports kickoffs, school supply shopping, and volunteering, it can get a little crazy. Wouldn’t we all love to add just one more hour to our day?

Well, what if there was a way to get an hour back? Research shows that parents spend an average of one and a half hours shopping for school supplies for each child.* But now that TeacherLists is partnering with Amazon, Target, and Walmart, you can quickly click and pick up the supplies on each child’s list. So even with drive time you are saving at least an hour.

Do you know what you’d do with that extra hour? Here’s what we’re daydreaming about…


Catch A Yoga Class


Namaste In Bed


Reach Out To A Friend




Reach Into A Bowl Of Popcorn With A Movie


Cook Up Something New




Get Down To Other Business


Get In A Workout




Go Out To Lunch


Lay Out Vacation Plans




Lay On The Beach


Give Life To Your Garden




Kill Time With A Good Book


No matter how you decide to spend your extra time, it’s our gift to you. And now when those other parents ask how you are, you can say, “Good. And not quite as busy!”

*As parents, our personal research shows that it takes waaay longer than 1.5 hours to shop for supplies, but we’re being conservative. Should you save more time than that, feel free to hold us responsible!

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