Win a Color Printer for Your Classroom. And a Photo Printer Too!

Win a Color Printer for Your Classroom. And a Photo Printer Too!

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This contest has ended. Keep an eye on your Facebook inbox to see if you’re one of our winners!

Two lucky teachers will win a Canon PIXMA G4210 Wireless MegaTank All-In-One printer PLUS an Ivy mini photo printer (perfect for those pics you want to print right from your phone). We’re also adding in free paper for a prize pack worth $580!

Want to enter? Simply post your favorite cost-saving classroom hack in the comments section of this Facebook post. Whether your favorite hack helps you save time in the classroom, money, or both—tell us about it for your chance to win! This contest runs through Oct. 17. Winners will be contacted by Nov. 2.

See official rules here.

Win Canon printers for your classroom graphic

Prize Packages

Two (2) lucky teachers will win:

  • 1 Canon PIXMA G4210 MegaTank desktop printer
  • 1 Canon Ivy Rose Gold photo printer
  • 1 Zink photo paper pack (20 sheets)
  • 1 Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte 8.5 x 11 paper pack (50 sheets)
  • 1 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II 4 x 6 paper pack (100 sheets)
  • 1 High Resolution A4 paper pack (50 sheets)

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14 Comments for Win a Color Printer for Your Classroom. And a Photo Printer Too!

Beverly Jirdan

I’d sure love to win this copier. It would help me with my kindergarten memory books I compile each year for each student as well as hundreds of others things I need to print each school year.

Matteson K Lauroesch

My favorite cost saving method is to laminate materials because students can use dry erase markers to write on them and you can use them year after year.

Anita Seiler

I work with students that have multiple disabilities. Many cannot verbalize their thoughts and interests. Allowing students to take the picture that expresses their ideas and interests creates a classroom of both speech and picture language. My students excel and grow as they learn technology, express themselves, and enjoy other students viewing their work. Photography assists in reaching students goals and helps them feel equal to all others.

Sandra Lindberg

I am a speech pathologist and search the internet for social skills activities on a variety of sites. Most often they are in color. I generally need to find a classroom teacher with a color printer, but often times the pages add up and I tend to wear out my welcome to print.
Having a color printer in my classroom would alleviate precious time spent searching for teachers willing to share their printer/s. At this time, students are provided only black/white versions.
IDEA: My students are addressing social skills. They are building their social vocabulary and developing conversation starters using laptops to create complete conversations to include idioms which we have been covering on black/white worksheets.

Melanie De Armond

For my classroom saving hack, at then end of the school year, high school students are able to donate gently used school items that they no longer want… I often am given brand new never been opened materials! Pencil cases, backpacks, folders, markers, you name it, it’s been donated to me. For community service hours, students go through the boxes and boxes of donated items to find the items that are truly worth keeping and the items that should be recycled. Thanks to my volunteers, I have to do nearly no work at all and still have shelves full of supplies for next school year!

Derek Smith

My classroom is in great need of a new color printer. This new printer will benefit all students in my class. I also do a lot of computer worksheets by Code.Org with my students that are in color. I hope that you consider selecting me for these color printers for our classroom. My students and I will be very appreciative.

Cindy White

Love to have it

Melinda Beane

Must have clear plastic sheet protectors for reusable workbook pages!!!

Dan Johnson

From a very wise carpenter, I learned the idea to “measure twice and cut once”. I have taken that concept to my students when the print – “Check Twice, Print Once” (check their work before trying to print as well as checking the Print Preview). This concept, along with reminding them about printing, has saved our school lots of money in ink as well as many reams of paper. I feel my students need to be able to produce projects that look good and get the attention of their audience. Allowing them the ability to print in color and learn to print their project only once, because they are checking and correcting their work, has been successful.

Judith Kaplan-Leffel

This is a great idea. My secret is my enthusiasm with teaching that I communicate to my students. I always knew that I wanted to teach, and my job is a dream come true.

John Bull

Use of different colored folders to stay organized is such a help for students and teachers alike. This saves time and money for both parties.


My grade level team works together to plan and run copies for the week. We have become very time efficient. By planning together we can also easily support a substitute teacher in case one of us is absent.

Susan Elias

My time-saving hack in RSP is setting an alarm on my phone that will give us a 5 minute warning, so that we can we can finish what we are doing, and count up our reward points for the time period. This helps me stay on track so I can receive my next group on time.

Carolina Martinez