Berlin Memorial Supply Lists 2019-2020
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Berlin Memorial Supply Lists and Classroom Wish Lists

34 South ST Berlin, MA 01503

Berlin Public School

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    Kindergarten Supply List

    Grade: Kindergarten |  Mrs. Bennett & Mrs. Walton |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    These items will be collected and put out for everyone to use during centers, activities, and other times we need them. The children do not keep the items they bring in for personal use, we collect them and put them out for everyone to use. There may be additional items needed as the school year approaches. The children will be provided with everything else we need for projects and activities.
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    First Grade Supply List

    Grade: 1st |  Miss Brodmerkle & Mrs. Whitehouse |  Supply List |  2019-2020
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    Second Grade Supply List

    Grade: 2nd |  Mrs. Donahoe & Mrs. Woodward |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Some items may not be used right away so they will be stored in the classroom.
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    Third Grade Supply List

    Grade: 3rd |  Mrs. Tucker & Mrs. Uliasz |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    We will share all of our supplies throughout the year. You will not need to bring in a pencil box or bag. In an effort to be sure we have enough supplies to last the school year we are asking each student to bring in
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    Fourth Grade Supply List

    Grade: 4th |  Mrs. Collins & Mrs. Sheikh |  Supply List |  2019-2020
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    Fifth Grade Supply List

    Grade: 5th |  Ms. Romer |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Please DO NOT send trapper keepers, huge boxes of markers/crayons or large pencil boxes. While fancy erasers, gigantic pencils, etc. are fun, they are a distraction so please leave them home.