Chichester Central School Supply Lists 2019-2020
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Chichester Central School Supply Lists and Classroom Wish Lists

219 Main ST Chichester, NH 03258

Chichester School District

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    0 Kindergarten Supply List

    Grade: Kindergarten |  All Kindergarten Teachers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Beginning a new school year is always an exciting time and fun time for students to shop for school supplies! While we have all of our educational supplies ready to go, below is a short list of items that would help with the organization of your child's school materials and help to keep a consistent line of communication between home and school. Thank you and Happy Shopping!
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    1st Grade Supply List

    Grade: 1st |  Mrs. Kneeland |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Dear First Grader, Hello and welcome to first grade! I hope you're having a terrific summer with lots of swimming and outdoor activities. The first full day of school is Wednesday, August 28, 2019. At present we have 14 students in our class: 9 girls and 5 boys. I will provide a two-pocket folder to help organize your papers. The school provides scissors, pencils, and crayons. Below is a list of other supplies you may need for school. If you or your parents have any questions or concerns, please email or call me at school. I'll be in and out all summer getting the classroom set up. I look forward to seeing you in August.
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    2nd Grade Supply List

    Grade: 2nd |  Mrs. Douglas |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Hello Second Grade Student, Wow, August is here! I hope everyone is having a great summer! I am thrilled to have such a wonderful group of students. We are going to have a lot of fun this year. Below is a list of supplies for school. No need to bring markers, because I have a tub of them to share with the class. I will also have homework folders for students. If you bring in a pair of earbuds or headphones for use with Chromebooks and other devices in the classroom, please make sure they are bagged/contained and labeled with the student's name. I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Enjoy, and I will see you soon. Mrs. Douglas
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    3rd Grade Supply List

    Grade: 3rd |  Mrs. Merrill |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Dear Third Graders, I hope everyone is enjoying summer, taking time to be with your family and friends, relax, run, and explore! My name is Mrs. Merrill and I am so excited to be your teacher for this 3rd grade year! Our first day of school is August 28, 2019! It's almost here! There are many changes and new experiences that await you this year, and I cannot wait to get started! As you prepare to come back , there are a few supplies you will need for school. See the list below. We are going to be learning and growing so much together this year and I cannot wait to get started! Challenge yourself to read a book and practice your addition and subtraction facts!
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    4th Grade Supply List

    Grade: 4th |  Mrs. Sharon Reeves & Mrs. Amy Binder |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Welcome to fourth grade at Chichester Central School! We hope that you've been enjoying summer! This year will be filled with many exciting learning experiences, along with increased responsibility. Your child will use a daily agenda to record his/her homework on a regular basis. You can expect to have daily math & spelling assignments, and occasionally science, social studies, or reading assignments for homework. In social studies, we will learn about New Hampshire history, economics, government, and travel the 50 states. In science, we will explore the topics of animals, energy, and the processes that shape the Earth. We will jump right into the Go Math program and read about many fascinating topics. Below are some supplies you will need:
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    6th Grade Supply List

    Grade: 6th |  Mr. Gagnon |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Dear 6th Graders, Hope you are enjoying your summer vacation. It's time to start thinking about going back to school. I am looking forward to seeing you return and getting back into our daily routines. There will be some changes from last year. You will continue to have me for math and science class; however, a new teacher, Mrs. Guest, has been added to teach language arts and social studies. It will be important to make a good first impression and welcome Mrs. Guest to our learning community. Coming to class prepared and maintaining organization will be an expectation for all. Purchasing these items should help us to achieve these goals.
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    5th Grade Supply List

    Grade: 6th |  Mrs. Dockham |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Hello 5th Graders! So far I have been having a very relaxing summer. I've seen lots of concerts, spent a lot of time at the beach, and enjoyed time with my family and friends. I hope your summer is going well and that you are enjoying every minute! This year we will begin our studies of ancient cultures, one of my favorite subjects! There will be lots of opportunities for us to be creative, thoughtful and have a little fun. In science we will look at matter, food webs and the interaction of humans on their environment, plus so much more! Reading and writing will be taught in a workshop model which will give you all to grow as readers and writers. It has been a few years since I have taught math, so I am sure we will all learn a lot of mat
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    6th Grade Supply List Copy

    Grade: 6th |  Mrs. Guest |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Dear Sixth Graders, I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation. My name is Mrs. Guest, and I will be your new homeroom, English Language Arts, and Social Studies teacher during this upcoming school year. I am excited to be teaching at Chichester Central School and I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you throughout the school year. Mr. Gagnon will continue to teach math and he will also be teaching science. You will be receiving your schedule when you come to school on the first day of class. Coming to class prepared and maintaining organization will be an expectation for all throughout the year. Purchasing the items below and having them for the first day of school should help us in achieving these goals.
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    7/8 Grade Math Supply List

    Grade: 7th, 8th |  Mr. Cipriano |  Supply List |  2019-2020
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    7/8 ELA & Social Studies Supply List

    Grade: 7th, 8th |  Mrs. Bidwell |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    I hope you've been having a great summer so far! Hopefully you also have your summer reading done and will be earning the ice cream, helping the class meet the goals for the class party, and earning a spot on the outing for the ones who read the most! Also don't forget that any books beyond the two required will get you $$ for next year's auction, so be sure to keep track of the book, number of pages, and get a parent signature. I'm actually sending you this letter to remind you of a few things before you do your school shopping!
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    7/8 Science Supply List

    Grade: 7th, 8th |  Mrs. Lakeman |  Supply List |  2019-2020
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    1st Grade Supply List

    Grade: 1st |  Mrs. Hunt |  Wish List | 
    Supplies will be shared with all students to assist in creating a classroom community focused on sharing and inclusion. This is a list of suggested items we use heavily in the classroom. Please do not feel obligated to purchase any/all of these supplies, but donations are greatly appreciated.