Pinewood Elementary Supply Lists 2019-2020
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Pinewood Elementary Supply Lists and Classroom Wish Lists

1925 N Main St Mount Holly, NC 28120

Gaston County Schools

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    Kindergarten Supply List

    Grade: Kindergarten |  All Kindergarten Teachers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Please do not label school supplies with student names
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    Mrs. Myers' SAC Class Supply List

    Grade: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th |  Mrs. Myers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
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    First Grade Supply List

    Grade: 1st |  All First Grade Teachers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Other items vary by teacher. You will be notified on orientation night if additional supplies are needed by your child's teacher
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    Second Grade Supply List

    Grade: 2nd |  All Second Grade Teachers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    These items are requested by the grade level. Each teacher will have a personalized class supply list at open house. Please feel free to wait and purchase school supplies after open house
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    Third Grade Supply List

    Grade: 3rd |  All Third Grade Teachers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    Please, no spiral notebooks, mechanical pencils, personal pencil sharpeners, or colored pencils
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    Fourth Grade Supply List

    Grade: 4th |  All Fourth Grade Teachers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
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    Fifth Grade Supply List

    Grade: 5th |  All Fifth Grade Teachers |  Supply List |  2019-2020
    will be transitioning between two classes and sharing desks, so there is no space for binders or pencil boxes. Our supply list is designed to help students' materials remain portable