Bangor Christian School Supply Lists 2020-2021
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Bangor Christian School Supply Lists and Classroom Wish Lists

1476 Broadway Bangor, ME 04401

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    2nd Grade-Mrs. Curtis Supply List 2020-2021

    Grade: 2nd |  Mrs. Curtis 2nd grade teacher |  Supply List |  2020-2021
    Here are the required school supplies for this school year.
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    K4 Wish List - Mrs. McLeod 2019-2020

    Grade: PreK |  Mrs. McLeod |  Wish List | 
    This is my wish list for 2019-20. If you can help out in any way I would be most blessed!
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    Art Class Wish List

    Grade: K5, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th |  Mrs.Nicholson |  Wish List | 
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    K5 Mrs. Brown's Wish List 2019- 2020

    Grade: Kindergarten |  Mrs. Brown's K5 Class Wishlist |  Wish List | 
    K5 Wish List
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    1st Grade Miss Larsen's Wish List 2019-2020

    Grade: 1st |  Wish List |  Wish List | 
    Thanks for checking out our classroom wish list!
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    2nd Grade Wish List-Mrs. Curtis 2019- 2020

    Grade: 2nd |  Mrs. Curtis, Grade 2 Teacher |  Wish List | 
    I am very blessed to become a part of the BCS staff! I look forward to meeting everyone!
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    3rd Grade Wish List- Mrs. Lewis 2019-2020

    Grade: 3rd |  Mrs. Lewis |  Wish List | 
    I am so looking forward to teaching your child. These items are all for the purpose of adding fun, movement and creativity to our classroom. Not all children learn in the same way and I look forward to using a variety of methods to touch on each learning style throughout the year. I do not necessarily expect to receive each of these items, but thought I would give a variety of options to choose from if someone wanted to contribute something. I want to thank you so much for any supplies given! And even if you are only able to contribute the final item on the list, that will be perfect, as it is the most important supply our class could ever need! Thanks, Mrs. Lewis
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    Mrs. Bridges' Wish List 2019-2020

    Grade: 4th |  Mrs. Bridges |  Wish List | 
    Thank you so much for your generosity with equipping our classroom.
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    5th Grade Wish List 2019- 2020

    Grade: 5th |  5th Grade Wish List |  Wish List | 
    Thank you for making a wish come true!
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    6th - 8th Grade Wish List - Mrs. Boyle 2019- 2020

    Grade: 6th, 7th, 8th |  Middle School Science |  Wish List | 
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    8th Grade Mrs. Ramirez Wish List 2019- 2020

    Grade: 8th |  Mrs. Ramirez |  Wish List | 
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    Mr. Arnold's HS English Wishlist

    Grade: 12th |  Mr. Arnold |  Wish List |