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At-Home Enrichment Activities and More (for When Schools Are Closed)

Free classes, printables, media subscriptions, and more to help you keep your kids learning at home during coronavirus or other school closures.

by parent-corner

March 18, 2020

Activities To Keep Kids Busy When Schools Close

With school districts across the country closed to help slow the spread of coronavirus, many parents are now trying to fill the role of teacher, too. It’s a trying time, but this list of free classes, printables, media subscriptions, and more can help you get started. (h/t to our sister site,, for compiling the links and tips.)

We’re all in this together

This is a challenging time for parents, teachers, and children. Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development offers these tips to help families adjust.


Take advantage of a free media subscription

Many educational companies are offering extended trial periods or free subscriptions to their resources.

PBS LearningMedia

Amazing Educational Resources: Companies With Free Subscriptions Due to School Closings

Travel & Leisure: 12 Museums With Virtual Tours

Scholastic Learn at Home

Discover Pods: 12 Great Podcasts for Kids

Keep academic skills strong

Practice math, reading, writing, and science concepts. Graphing for Reading and Math Fun Help Your Child Become a Sentence Builder

Common Sense Media: Best Books for Kids Fun and Easy Help With Basic Math Math Fun for Summer (or Anytime)

Common Sense Media: Free Educational Games, Apps, and Websites for Reading and Math

Get cooking

Cooking provides opportunities for great lessons in math and chemistry! Make Family Meals Count Recipes Kids Can Make Alone

Printable puzzles and worksheets

Word searches, crosswords, acrostics, and interactive learning games are some good ways to interest kids away from the screen. Printable Activities Activities for Sick Days

Stay active outdoors and inside 10 Healthy Hacks for Parents and Kids Winter Exercise Ideas for the Family
(If you don’t have snow in your part of the country, adapt these exercises to your own yard.)

Common Sense Media: Movement Apps, Games, and Websites