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Finding and viewing lists has never been more convenient. Your most current wish list is always available to parents from any device (even their smartphones while shopping!), on your school’s website and on No more lost lists or trying to download documents on a phone!

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Classroom needs change throughout the year – and now your wish list can easily change, too. Simply upload your wish list (in any format), or build your list in seconds using our list wizard. You can easily add or remove items from your list throughout the year with just a click.

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Parents can pledge to donate items online

TeacherLists takes the guess work out of who is donating what. With just a tap, parents can pledge to donate an item on your wish list. You’ll be notified instantly via email, and parents will get an email reminder, too. And, your list automatically updates with every pledge, ensuring both the items and quantities requested always reflect what you still need.

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Want to make sure your school staff knows about TeacherLists? Simply tell us who at your school is responsible for coordinating school supply lists each spring, and we’ll reach out to them.

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