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Teaching your child to save money

Teaching Your Child to Save Money

April is Financial Literacy Month, and it’s never too early to start teaching your children the value of a dollar! Getting them to understand how to save money now can set them up for success later. Here are 6 ways to get the conversation started.   The old-fashioned ways  Money jars and allowances are tried-and-true ways […]

Self-Care Time for Parents

How To: Making Time for Self-Care

Life gets busy for families. Between work, chores, bills, and of course, childcare, parents and guardians are often tied up in their long to-do lists to really take time for themselves. Here are ways to be more intentional with the time you have, and how to make that time yours.    Dinner time  There are […]

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Overcome Your Helicopter Parenting Impulses

When parents are overly involved, their kids may not develop the academic or emotional skills they need to succeed. We share advice from educators to avoid hovering too close at school.

School Supply Shopping Made Quick and Easy

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the process of school supply shopping (and what parent hasn’t?) TeacherLists is here to help you save time and money.

Three Mom Podcasts for Summer Listening

You finally get to kickback and enjoy a summer afternoon for yourself, but the silence is deafening. The fix? Two earbuds and a brand new podcast!

The Argument for Mom Friends

The time and energy we put towards our children’s friendships doesn’t always translate to our own lives. We forget about the importance of an inner circle, specifically having mom friends.

20 Reasons You’re an Amazing Mom

20 Reasons You’re an Amazing Mom

You are selfless, strong, and loving. You are heaven-sent.