Districts know how hectic back to school can be—and so do we. As the back-to-school company, we’ve worked with thousands of schools across the country for more than 20 years so we get it—and it’s why we’re happy to provide a free and easy school supply solution for districts, schools, and families.

Easy for districts

Share lists on your website (and wherever you communicate with parents)

Lists are simple to share on your district and school websites, parent portal, and social media or via email. We provide email templates, social graphics, flyers, and website banner links that are simple to embed.

Share with parents, now or later

You can update your lists any time and schedule them to be published at a later date so they’re ready to share when families are ready to shop.

Save money and time

It’s a frequent question and one we love to answer—it’s always been free and always will be. There are no costs associated for districts, schools, or families. (Bonus: You’ll also spend less time printing, copying, and fielding phone calls about lists!)

Promote positivity and convenience from the get-go

School parents will see the district as providing a service that makes it easier for families to start a successful school year.

Open up communication with families

One unified school district supply list solution helps position your district as a reliable and trusted source of school information.

Check our case studies to see how TeacherLists works for other districts.

Easy to get started

Easy upload

Our powerloader accepts most file formats for uploading the school supply lists for your districts.

Concierge service—let us do it!

Even simpler—just email your school district’s supply lists to us and we’ll take care of everything! We’ll send you an email when your lists are ready.

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Easy for parents

Instant notification

Parents can sign up to be automatically notified as soon as their lists are posted.

Unbeatable convenience

Lists can be viewed anytime, right from parents’ smartphones—no need to print paper lists.

Parents shop with ease (and safety)

Shop online: With one click, parents are brought to a prefilled shopping cart with the exact items on their list. Parents can choose to purchase their list through Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other major retailers.

Shop in-store: Lists are instantly available on parents’ phones and are checkable as they move through the store, or they can print a list right from our site.

Shop contact-free: Curbside pickup and ship-to-home options give users peace of mind.

We send lists to retailers

We immediately share all supply lists with major retailers like Target, Walmart, Staples, and more, ensuring parents will get the correct list.

All Supply Lists Are:

Learn how TeacherLists can help your district!

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