A Full Supply of Teacher Gift Ideas For You!

A Full Supply of Teacher Gift Ideas For You!

Updated 11/17/16

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We’re already seeing holiday decorations creeping into our favorite local stores so the season is upon us! For those struggling with what to do for their beloved teachers, we have created a list based on our research and ingenuity that will hopefully help you out or at least spark a few ideas of your own.

You may have seen a few new “rules” of gift giving. Often times these are brought up as a way to create a gift list for your kids that is diverse and not overdone.  They go something like – buy them something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. When compiling ideas for our teacher and administrator friends, we decided to split them up according to some similar categories to be sure we covered the most appealing ideas!

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Something They Want

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read their minds and knew exactly what that was?  Well here’s an idea that will get you close: check out this printable and this one too.  Hand it over to your teacher (or have your room parent pass it along) so that you can get an idea of something that bring a smile to their face. You can pick up one of the ideas or fill up a small bag with a few of their favorite things!




Something They Need

By the time the holiday season rolls around most teachers are in need of some basic supplies in the classroom. The kids have chewed the pencils, used all the post it notes or lost the markers. Here are a few cute ideas that fill those “must haves” on their list.

Personalized pencils and pens make a cute gift that any teacher would use! Add a little flare by arranging the pencils in a cute jar like the one pictured. You can find personalized mason jars online or you can follow this tutorial to make your own!



Some Way to Splurge

If you surveyed every teacher name one thing they all would appreciate for a gift. Survey says – gift cards. To Target, for coffee, for dinner, for supplies, for a spa day for a movie night.  All are appreciated!  BUT it can be kind of “eh” just handing over a little plastic card. So here are a few ways to jazz up the run of the mill gift card.

If “Crafty” is your middle name, or caffeine is your game. If she’s hooked on eats or he likes his beats.



Some Kind of Good Deed

They say actions speak louder than words so maybe that is true of gifts as well?  One thing we’ve heard teachers rave about is when a parent or group of parents does something kind. Delivering a surprise coffee/tea in the morning or providing lunch in from their favorite local restaurant one day could make their year! A handwritten IOU to help clean up the classroom at the end of the year or to help prep a project or challenging lesson can mean the world to a teacher who is tight on time but who also wants to go the extra mile for his/her students!


Originally posted 2016

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