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Printable for Parents: First Day of School Sign

Print, customize and snap your first day photo!

Printable for Parents: "I'm Bored" Activity Cards

Bust boredom with these activity cards!

Printable: Paper Sea Turtles

Send your students home with a turtle!

CREATE Friendships

Help students make new friends!

Imagine What You’ll Learn

What do you want to learn?

Printable for Parents: Summer Coupons

Reward your littles all summer long with these coupons!...

Printable: "Thank a Soldier" Postcards

Let your students write a thank you to a soldier, thanking...

Watercolor Salt Art

Textured watercolor!

Clingies Window Stickers

DIY window stickers!

New and Innovative Products From Our Favorite Brands

Our favorite brands are releasing new and exciting...

Printable: Popcorn Appreciation

Get your students "popping" with appreciation for a special...

Printable for Parents: Last Day of School Sign

Celebrate the last day of school with a photo-op!

End-Of-Year Gifts Your Teacher Actually Wants

This year for Teacher Appreciation Week, give the unsung...

DIY Classroom Ribbon Streamers

Who doesn't love a good DIY?

Children, Influencers, and Impulse Buying Online

You may have seen news outlets reporting on the trend...

A New Species: Fictitious Animals

Let your students create a new species!

Take Shelter: Is Yours Strong Enough?

Whose hurricane shelter will be the last one standing?

Printable for Parents: Game Night Challenge

Get ready for several nights of fun and games with...

Printable: Brain Break Activity Cards

Brain slumps happen. Brain breaks help!

How 100 Teachers Use Play-Doh in Their Classroom

Play-Doh modeling compound is an excellent...

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TeacherLists Product Updates for 2024

New and improved!

Printable: Earth Day Riddles

Challenge your students to solve Earth-friendly riddles!

Printable for Parents: Earth Day Riddles

Celebrate Earth Day as a family!

Post-It Word Order Exercise

Practice the order of words in a sentence!

Post-It Haiku Daisy Tree

Introduce Haiku to your students!

On-the-Go Meals for Busy Families

We get it. Between taking the kids to soccer practice,...

Classroom Memory Challenge

Learning area: English – Memory Challenge Time...

Printable: Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring has sprung! Celebrate with a nature hunt!

Printable: Earth Day Bingo

Celebrate Earth Day by playing bingo!

Printable: Let It Snow!

Celebrate winter by letting it snow in your classroom...

Printable: How to Catch a Leprechaun!

What is St. Patrick's Day without an attempt to catch...

Printable: Ramadan Fun Packet

Celebrate and teach Ramadan in your classroom!

Printable: Women’s History Month Fun Packet

March is Women’s History Month! Celebrate in your...

Printable: Winter Fun Packet

Bring the cold indoors to your classroom this winter...

Printable: St. Patrick's Day Fun Packet

After trying to catch the leprechaun, let him leave...

NSPRA's 2023 Superintendents to Watch

TeacherLists would like to extend our congratulations...

Youtube for Kids: The Good and the Bad

Check out this list of YouTube channels your child...

Read Across America: Celebrate at Home

Celebrate reading on Read Across America Day, or any day,...

Valentine's Day Activities for Home

Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday for kids...

Safer Internet Day in Your School District

February 6th is Safer Internet Day, dedicated...

Making Holiday Magic at Home

Create your own magic!

5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

Reduce stress this season!

US History Scavenger Hunt

Let students "hunt" for history around the classroom,...

Upcycled Pencil Boxes for Back-to-School

Why buy pencil cases every school year? Here's how you can make...

Track your students’ growth–in hands!

Measuring in hands is a fun activity for learning simple...

The Usual Suspects

Help your students learn how they can avoid getting...

The Case of the Invisible Invaders

Introduce your students to the idea that microscopic...

STEM Scavenger Hunt

This activity also provides exposure to simple machines,...

Science Fair Investigation: Grades K-2

Introduce your students to the process of planning...

Science Fair Investigation: Grades 3-5

Introduce your students to the process of planning...

Pom-Pom Code Art

A fun and creative way to help your students learn...

Our Voices–Our Leadership

Students consider leadership roles involved in their...

Or is It?

Get your students' imaginations flowing with this shape-identifying...

Mini Upcycled Potted Plants

Students learn to act as botanists and see the different...

Mindful Moments Challenge Cards

Develop social-emotional skills with Play-Doh Mindful...

Looking at Me in the Future

Students write and illustrate autobiographies on 3D boxes....

Inspirational Wall Art

Welcome students back to school with inspirational...

I MUSTACHE You a Question: Classroom Activity Grades 5-9

This activity focuses on practicing listening comprehension...

How Words Make People Feel

Students create and use two-sided masks to explore...

Helping Hands

Build children’s awareness of the many ways they...

DIY Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Welcome students back to school with colorful and fun ceiling...

DIY Monthly Banners

Decorate your classroom with inspirational and fun Monthly...

Dial Hand Washing Lesson

This lesson will model the importance of handwashing...

Conversations with Crayons

Students construct a crayon character stick puppet...

Back-to-School Welcome Kit

Welcome students back to school with personalized gift...

10 Activities to Promote Kindness in the Classroom

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” As...

Writing Prompts for Veterans Day

Writing exercises for Veterans Day

Spreading Kindness as a Family

How do you spread kindness?

How to Get Ahead of the Holiday Madness

No, October is not too early to start thinking...

Family Communication for School Safety

October is here, which means we’re in the middle...

The Changing Role of School Communicators

In recent years, there’s been a significant...

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days: Teacher Edition

Snag some sweet teacher deals and discounts!

Make Your Own Beads (From Magazines)

Learning area: Art Time commitment: Moderate...

Halloween Treats (No Tricks!) to Make this October

Halloween treats your kids will love!

Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween just got spookier!

Anti-Bullying: How to Start the Conversation

Talking to your child about bullying is difficult...

8 Scary-Fun Ideas for School Halloween Celebrations

  These five fun crafts and educational...

How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint?

Figure out the size of your family’s carbon footprint...

Red Light, Green Light: Food Edition

This activity is a variation on the classic children’s...

March Madness: Battle of the Books

Get students excited about new books and reading for pleasure...

6 Ideas for a Welcoming Classroom

Inclusivity makes us stronger!

Positive Affirmations for Children

Instill your children with confidence!

How to Get Your Child to Talk About School

Tips and tricks to get the conversation started!  

Overscheduled: How Much is Too Much?

How to know if your child has too much on their plate

Paper Lanterns for Chinese New Year

Make your own festive paper lantern from construction...

Mindful Moments Challenge Cards

Students will hone their social-emotional skills as they...

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How To: Create a List on TeacherLists

Everything you need to know about creating school supply...

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2023 TeacherLists Paper Mate Sweepstakes | Official Rules 

  August 7, 2023  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY...

TeacherLists Surpasses One Million School Supply Lists on its Platform


What Teachers Want You to Know About Back-to-School

Teachers have a difficult job, and one that...

Mocktail Recipes to Refresh This Summer

Refreshing drinks, no negative effects!

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It's love! Here's what others are saying.

Helping Teachers. Helping Schools TeacherLists.com...

Extended School Year Summer Activities

As an extended year educator, it can be challenging...

How to Truly Disconnect for Summer Vacation - Teacher Edition

We’re always so happy for students when summer finally...

How Artificial Intelligence is Affecting Schools

How does it affect your classroom?

Tips and Tricks: A Summer Fun Guide

Check out these tips for traveling and staying on budget...

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How To: Add Your TeacherLists List to Your School Website

Everything you need to know about adding a TeacherLists...

Track your students’ growth–in hands!

Learning area: Math Time commitment: One 45-minute...

15 Outdoor Classroom Activities

Bringing nature to the classroom

Checklist for the End of the School Year

Check everything off before summer

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How To: Reassign a List

Do you have a new teacher or staff member that needs...

Books, Movies, and TV Shows to Binge: Parent Recommendations

Are you a book worm, or do you prefer watching...

Teaching Your Child to Save Money

Financial literacy for the family

Interactive Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Welcome spring into your classroom!

Books, Movies, and TV Shows to Binge: Teacher Edition

What are you planning to indulge in?

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TeacherLists Website Banners

Easy to display on your website

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Customizable flyer for schools

Share wherever you can!

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Customizable flyer for parents

Sharable with families

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Find School Supply Lists by State!

TeacherLists’ browse-by-state feature provides an interactive,...

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Home

Activities for the whole family

US History Scavenger Hunt

Learning area: US History Time commitment: Moderate...

DIY Tissue Paper Pom-Poms in Just 4 Steps

Welcome students back to school with colorful and fun ceiling...

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Conference Giveaway

Enter to Win! We sincerely appreciate your...

9 March Madness Classroom Ideas

Celebrate March Madness in your classroom!

Or is It?

Activity Synopsis As the new school year begins, students...

Looking at Me in the Future

Students write and illustrate autobiographies on 3D boxes....

8 Ways to Reorganize Your Home for 2024

Give your home a fresh start!

How to Talk to your Child About Their World

Help your child feel safe while staying informed with...

Reducing Stress During the Holidays

De-stress this holiday season

Festive Printouts for At-Home Learning

Need some educational activities to do at home during...

Holiday Movies, Sorted by Age

Must-see holiday movies

Holiday Cleanup: Making Room for More Toys

It’s that time­ again­­­– the holiday season!...

12 Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for your Students

9 ideas that won't break the bank!

How To Share Your School Supply Lists With Parents

However you communicate with parents, we can help—email...

10 Crafts for Thanksgiving

There's more than a turkey handprint!

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Memorable

The best Thanksgiving yet!

What about the teachers who stayed?

To the teachers who have stayed: we thank you—plus...

6 Podcasts for Busy Parents

Parenting tips on the go

Creating Your District's Anti-Bullying Policy

It's important to implement a policy now.

Dial Hand Washing Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to explain the importance...

8 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your IT Staff

IT Appreciation Week starts Sept. 20th!

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Back-to-School Routine

Back-to-school season is in full swing! Whether...

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TeacherLists Expands Product to Serve Districts and Their Communities

Product expansion at TeacherLists will now support...

14 Amazon Classroom Must-Haves

Stock your classroom!

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8 Books for Overcoming Back-to-School Anxiety

Many kids feel a whirlwind of emotions before the new school...

Summer Side Gigs for Teachers

Fill your time in the sun!

What is the Metaverse—and should you be concerned?

What do you call an all-encompassing online world your...

How to Truly Disconnect for Summer Vacation

Say goodbye to summertime stress

10 Ways to Honor Memorial Day with your Children

Check out these tips to honor Memorial Day, shared...

Outdoor Fun with No Equipment

Take a trip down memory lane with these 10 outdoor...

8 Summer Safety Tips for Families

Follow these safety tips to keep kids happy and healthy...

Why Your District Should Be on TikTok

The controversial app could help your district

Summer Reading List (For Teachers!)

What's on your TBR list?

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Say "thank you" to your teachers!

Combating Summer-itis

School's not out yet!

Activities for Preventing the Summer Slide

Where will this summer take you?

Mother’s Day “Mom-Me” Time Activities from Real Moms

Me time activities from real moms, just in time for Mother’s...

Teacher Appreciation Week: The Do’s and Don’ts

Check out these tips for how to, and how not to, thank...

Social-Emotional Learning in Your District

Studies show SEL can improve test scores

14 Earth Day Activities

Happy Earth Day!

Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Activities and exercises in the classroom

Standardized Tests: Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Children

Ease test anxiety with these tips and tricks!

5 Tips to Promote Social-Emotional Development at Home

Social-emotional development is fundamental for success....

8 Spring Activities that Help the Planet

Welcome back Spring with these Earth-friendly, green...

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DIY Monthly Banners

  Decorate your classroom with inspirational...

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I MUSTACHE You a Question: Classroom Activity Grades 5-9

Learning area: English Time commitment: Beginner...

No Image found

How Words Make People Feel

Subject areas: Language Arts, Visual Art, Drama, Social-Emotional...

No Image found

Conversations With Crayons

Subject areas: Language Arts, Visual Art, Drama, Social-Emotional...

No Image found

Science Fair Investigation: Grades 3-5

Learning area: STEM Time commitment: 45 minutes to 1 hour...

No Image found

Science Fair Investigation: Grades K-2

Learning area: STEM Time commitment: 55 minutes...

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TeacherLists 2022 Conference Exhibits

  We’re looking forward to kicking off our conference...

Women's History Month in the Classroom

Every March is Women's History Month

Winter Boredom Busters with a STEAM focus

Melt away your winter blues with these STEAM-focused...

Screen Time: the good, the bad, and the balance

Unlock the benefits to screen time. The key is striking...

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March Madness: Battle of the Books

Learning Area: English Language Arts Best for: Can be adapted...

15 Ways to Encourage Handwriting at Home

Check out these fun ways to encourage handwriting at home!

Resetting School Habits in the New Year

After a long winter break, resetting school habits...

12 self-care ideas for winter break

Or "hygge," as the Danish say

The 10 Most Boring (But Awesome!) Gifts for Teachers

Believe it or not, teachers love receiving school supplies...

Keep the holidays inclusive in your school community

School should be a safe space for all students

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STEM Teachers to Follow on Instagram

Between TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube tutorials,...

5 Internet Safety Tips for Parents

The internet is a fascinating, powerful, and at times,...

Overcome Your Helicopter Parenting Impulses

What habits do you need to break?

12 Must-Try Classroom Organizational Hacks

Stay organized this school year!

Prioritizing Student Mental Health

We need to talk about students’ mental health

All About Those Apps

Wondering what that new icon is on your child’s phone?...

Back to School 2024: Checklist for Families

These back-to-school tips can help parents and kids...

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Collegium Charter School Partners With TeacherLists (Case Study)

Simplifying the school supply process is beneficial...

Teachers' Top Classroom Management Tips

Tips and tricks for great management

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TeacherLists Surpasses 1 Million Lists!

TeacherLists surpasses 1 million lists, making back-to-school...

Totally Unrealistic Teaching Stock Photos

We wish it could be like this!

How School Districts Can Leverage Social Media

Start the year with some tech-savvy flair

10 Parent Moments for the Win

Start celebrating the small wins. There are plenty...

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How To Use TeacherLists with MySchoolBucks

For MySchoolBucks users

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How To Use TeacherLists with Edlio

For Edlio users

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How To Use TeacherLists with Rediker PlusPortals

For Rediker PlusPortals users

Summer Adventures to Try at Home

Sometimes adventure is closer than you think.

Use Your (Summer) Time Wisely

Thanks to a little work in between hammock rides and Mai Tais,...

8 Tips for Summer Teacher Self-Care

Don't forget your sunscreen!

The Argument for Mom Friends

Time to call your mom friends

How TeacherLists Simplifies the Supply List Process

Back-to-school has never been easier!

How Does Your Paper Problem Stack Up?

Students bring home paper, lots of it. Find the right...

20 Reasons You’re an Amazing Mom

You are selfless, strong, and loving.

Save Big with These Teacher Discounts

There's more than you know!

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Inspirational Wall Art

Welcome students back to school with inspirational...

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STEM Scavenger Hunt

Learning area: STEM Time commitment: Moderate (30 minutes...

No Image found

Back-to-School Welcome Kit

< Learning Library Home   Welcome...

No Image found

Upcycled Pencil Boxes for Back to School

< Learning Library Home Learning...

No Image found

Pom-Pom Code Art

< Learning Library Home Learning...

No Image found

Mini Upcycled Potted Plants

< Learning Library Home Learning...

No Image found

Look At Me Inside and Out

< Learning Library Home Learning...

No Image found

Helping Hands

< Learning Library Home Learning...

No Image found

Our Voices—Our Leadership

< Learning Library Home Learning...

No Image found

The Case of the Invisible Invaders

< Learning Library Home PHOTO CREDIT:...

No Image found

The Usual Suspects

< Learning Library Home PHOTO CREDIT:...

Winter Exercise Ideas for the Family

Fun winter exercise activities for inside the house,...

No Image found

Red Light, Green Light: Food Edition

< Learning Library Home Julia Sudnitskaya/123RF Learning...

No Image found

How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint?

< Learning Library Home Antonio Diaz/123RF Learning...

No Image found

Make Your Own Beads (From Magazines)

< Learning Library Home Learning...

No Image found

Paper Lanterns for Chinese New Year

< Learning Library Home Learning...

How To Automatically Update Your List Every School Year

Easy instructions to automatically update lists

10 Teachers You Should Follow on Social Media

Sharing ideas with educators like you

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8 Tips for Reducing Your Students’ Screen Time

Expert tips to help teachers reduce screen time for kids...

Set Kids Up for School Success: Healthy Habits Parents Can Teach Their Kids

By establishing important eating, sleeping, and learning...

Feature Alert: Post and Share Lists With Parents on Your Schedule

Use the handy scheduling feature to set it and forget...

7 Smart Tips To Help You Ace Back-to-School Shopping

On paper, the idea of back-to-school shopping is exciting...

School District Supply List Tools

Everything you need to simplify back-to-school!

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TeacherLists Offers Donation Supply Lists for Communities To Help Those in Need

All about the new list that helps those who need it most

12 Social Media Tips To Boost Your Back-to-School Messaging

Communicating with families just got easier

Lockport City School District Partners With TeacherLists (Case Study)

Lockport City School District’s partnership with...

Tax-Free Weekends—a Great Time To Shop Your Supply Lists

Does your state have a tax-free weekend coming up?

Talking to Kids About Anti-Racism and Race Relations

Conversations with kids about race relations can be hard,...

No Image found

Resources for Talking About Anti-Racism in the Classroom

We’ve rounded up classroom resources for discussing...

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Creating Your Donation Supply List

It’s easy to set up your TeacherLists account and create...

Science for Kids: 28+ STEM Activities To Do at Home

Step-by-step instructions and materials lists for family-friendly...

Make Your School District Website a Back-to-School Communication Hub

Tips and tricks for making your site the go-to info...

Parents: You Should Know This Internet Slang

There's a good chance a lot more kids will be spending...

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Back-to-School Communication Tips | TeacherLists

Back-to-School Communication Tips: Simple, Streamlined,...

How School Districts Use TeacherLists for School Supply Lists

Learn how school districts use TeacherLists...

No Image found

TeacherLists simplifies the back-to-school process for District Communicators

Get started with TeacherLists for yourself! It’s...

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TeacherLists Hits 1 Million Lists - Most active school supply list resource

TeacherLists Hits 1 Million Lists, Making It the Most...

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Nice ‘n CLEAN® Partners With TeacherLists To Help Keep Classrooms Clean, Healthy, and Allergy-Friendly

The Nice ‘n CLEAN® brand of antibacterial hand wipes...

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TeacherLists and Rediker Software Form Partnership

TeacherLists and Rediker Software Form Partnership...

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Tech Tools To Help You Run Your School

Here at TeacherLists, our main goal is to help schools—and...

TeacherLists Instagram Link in Bio

Follow TeacherLists on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/teacherlists!

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Fun Ways to Share Your Back-to-school Supply Lists | TeacherLists

Are you in charge of sharing your school’s supply...

Exclusive Perks for TeacherLists Admins

Perks and privileges of being the TeacherLists Admin...

Science Fun for Kids: Watch Earthworms Work

Make a wormery and watch how earthworms live and work.

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27J School District partners with TeacherLists (Case Study)

Colorado District’s Partnership With TeacherLists...

No Image found

Ganado School District partners with TeacherLists (Case Study)

  Ganado Independent School District Partners With...

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New! Downloadable GIFs for Sharing School Supply Lists on Facebook and Twitter

Downloadable GIFs can be used for Facebook and Twitter...

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Metro Nashville School District partners with TeacherLists - Case Study

      Metro Nashville Schools Partner With TeacherLists...

Science Fun for Kids: Elephant Toothpaste

Make elephant toothpaste out of common household ingredients.

Science Fun for Kids: DIY Bouncy Ball

Make your own bouncy ball out of common household ingredients.

25 Ways Teachers Save Time (and Money, Too!)

Ways that teachers can save time and money.

Science Fun for Kids: Energy Sticks

Weave together craft sticks to learn about the difference...

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Back-To-School Supply Shopping - Changing The Game

We're simplifying the process!

Back-to-School Shopping: Save Time and Money

Tips to help you survive shopping for back to school...

Learning Styles vs. Teaching Styles: A Student Guide

Students should be able to learn even when their teacher’s...

How Do Boys and Girls Learn Differently?

When it comes to types of learning, they don’t tend...

After-School Snacks: Healthy Options for Kids

Fun ideas for healthy after-school snacks kids will...

Easy Breakfast Ideas for School Success

A healthy breakfast lets kids do their best in school....

Understanding Report Cards: A Guide for Parents

Letter grades are being replaced by number systems...

8 Tips for Back-to-School Organization

Back-to-school organization tips to help ease the transition...

Learning Styles Quiz: What Is Your Child's Learning Style?

Understanding how your child learns can reduce frustration...

11 Fun Kids Lunch Ideas

Distract finicky eaters by putting together a meal...

School Success - 10 Ways Parents Can Help: Teacher Tips for Parents

School Success—10 Ways Parents Can Help Teachers...

10 Ways To Help Kids Handle Back-to-School Anxiety: Teacher Tips for Parents

10 Ways To Help Kids Handle Back-to-School Anxiety:...

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TeacherLists FAQ: Communicating Your Lists to Parents

Once you’ve compiled and you’ve posted...

TeacherLists FAQ: Difference Between List Manager and List Admin

Easy breakdown of the differences between being a TeacherLists...

TeacherLists FAQ: Entering School Supply Lists

Adding multiple lists, adding custom items, and other...

TeacherLists FAQ: Classroom Wish Lists for Teachers and Schools

How do I know who has pledged items to my wish list? When...

No Image found

TeacherLists FAQ: Classroom Wish List Help for Parents

Learn more about pledging and purchasing items from...

TeacherLists FAQ: How To Manage a List Created by Someone Else

  Do you have a list that was created by another...

TeacherLists FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

  I don’t see my child’s school or teacher listed. If...

TeacherLists FAQ: Logging In to TeacherLists - Account Questions

Answers to questions about logging in, accessing your...

TeacherLists FAQ: Some Basic Information

Answers to some frequently asked questions about getting...

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TeacherLists FAQs: What Does It Mean To “Share” My Supply Lists?

Cool tools to make your lists visible to families.

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Banner Links to Share School Supply Lists with Parents | TeacherLists

Share School Supply Lists with Parents Easily Using...

School Supply Lists Now available in Spanish on TeacherLists

TeacherLists school supply lists can now be viewed...

Make Parents Your Partner: Teacher Tips for Parents

Teachers: Make Parents Your Partner Building strong...

Homework Tips for Parents: Teacher Tips for Parents

Homework Tips for Parents When the last bell rings...

No Image found

Student Goal Setting: 3 Teacher Tips for Parents

Student Goal Setting: 3 Steps to Success January is a great...

At-Home Learning Tips for Parents: Teacher Tips for Parents

At-Home Learning Tips for Parents While teachers play...

Guide to Parent-Teacher Conferences: Teacher Tips for Parents

Why Attend a Parent-Teacher Conference? Parent-teacher...

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The Top Teacher Gifts You Can Find on Amazon Right Now

The top gifts for teachers this holiday season. Apparel,...

No Image found

Black Friday Deals for Everyone on Your List

Kittaya Mangruan/123RF Whether you’ll be getting...

No Image found

10 Ways Schools Can Give Back to Their Communities

thitarees/123RF For many schools, November starts...

No Image found

TeacherLists: Not Your Mother’s School Supply Kit

  A lot of times when we introduce TeacherLists...

10 Pumpkin Activities You Need To Try This Fall

Fun Pumpkin Classroom Activities We all know that October...

25 Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Fall can be one of the busiest seasons for elementary...

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Downloadable Graphics For Sharing Your School Supply Lists!

Share your lists and have some fun with these cool...

No Image found

Teacher Tech Hacks for Back-to-School Time

Back to school is coming. But no need to cover your...

No Image found

7 Fun Activities to Build Community in Your Classroom

These simple activities can help students...

No Image found

How to Use One-Click Shopping Right From Your List

You've found your child's supply list and now you want...

No Image found

TeacherLists Partners with National Retailers for One-Click Shopping Convenience for Parents

April 6, 2017 We are proud to partner with several...

No Image found

How Parent Groups can help their Schools with TeacherLists

Are you a Parent or part of a Parent Group (PTO/PTA/PTSO/HSA,...

No Image found

How To Use Amazon To Purchase TeacherLists Wish List Items

Step-by-step instructions to make donating classroom...

15 Ways To Get Kids Moving and Learning

Our favorite classroom tools and activities to kick...

How To Use Target To Purchase Your Supply List Online

Easy step-by-step directions for using Target to buy your...

No Image found

8 Ideas for Teacher Gifts They’ll Love

For anyone searching for the perfect gifts for teachers,...

No Image found

Thank You For Updating Your List!

Welcome Back! With back-to-school supply lists for over...

No Image found

What You Need to Know About Back-to-School Shopping In Your State

There are so many funny blogs out there about what...

No Image found

Thanks for Updating Your List!

Thanks for Updating! With back-to-school supply lists...

No Image found

Thank you for Updating Your Supply Lists!

Thanks for Updating! With back-to-school supply lists...

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Share TeacherLists with Your School

Want to share TeacherLists with your school?  We have...

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TeacherLists Helps Massachusetts School Improve List Access for Parents

Hatfield Elementary School simplifies the managing...

No Image found

TeacherLists Powerloader

We have a cool feature we think you’ll love:...

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How To: Update Your List on TeacherLists

Everything you need to know about updating school supply...

No Image found

Cool Feature: TeacherLists Admin

Sign up for free as a TeacherLists Admin. Learn how to manage...

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Quick Start Lists Make Posting Lists Easier and Faster!

Quick Start Lists allow teachers to start with the most...

No Image found

How To Find Your School's Supply Lists on TeacherLists

Find your child’s school supply lists and classroom...

No Image found

How To Claim Your Supply Lists on TeacherLists

Step-by-step guide on claiming your supply lists. Become...