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The Top Teacher Gifts You Can Find on Amazon Right Now


As parents face the yearly dilemma of what to buy their child’s teacher for the holidays, Amazon comes to the rescue once again with ready-to-go gift options that teachers will love (and we’re not talking coffee mugs and apple-shaped paperweights!). From gift cards to unique personalized stationery and monogrammed tote bags, here are some of the top gifts, available on Amazon, that will delight teachers without cluttering their classrooms.


Gift Cards

Gift cards top teachers’ holiday wish lists every single year, hands down. And since most teachers spend more than $500 on classroom supplies each year, anything you can do to lighten their financial load will make their holiday a little brighter. Know your teachers’ favorite restaurants? Grab a gift card and treat them to a night out (or take-out).


1. Amazon gift card
Amazon gift card


2. Amazon teacher gift card (print at home)
Amazon gift card - thank you teacher


3. Starbucks gift card
Starbucks gift card


4. Door Dash gift card


5. Panera gift card
Panera gift card


6. Uber Eats gift card


7. Instacart gift card


8. Apple gift card


9. Sephora gift card
Sephora gift card


10. Ulta gift card
Ulta gift card



11. Netflix gift card


Gift Baskets

Teachers love stuff they can actually use (or eat!). From school supplies to homemade brownies, a basket of goodies never goes unappreciated. These gift baskets from Amazon come preassembled, and are super cute to boot.


1. Movie night gift basket
Movie night gift basket


2. 12 Days of Hot Chocolate


3. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set


Teacher Apparel and Accessories

This one can be tricky, but if you know your teacher well enough it can be a slam dunk. Check out these fashion-forward duds that most teachers would be proud to parade around the school.


1. Monogrammed tote bag


2. Teacher survival kit pouch


3. Graphic tee


4. Graphic tee
Teaching is my jam graphic T-shirt



They’re teachers, so chances are pretty good they love stationery. These items are both fun and unique, so your teachers probably don’t already have something like it sitting on their desks. Word to the wise? Always go for practical over cute. Teachers love cute, but if it isn’t useful, it isn’t a top teacher gift.


1. Personalized stationery
Personalized apple stationary


2. Personalized note cards
Personalized apple note cards


3. Thank-you cards
Lined paper note cards


4. Personalized stamps
personalized stamp example


5. Grading stamps
Grading stamps with ink


6. Personalized door sign
Personalized classroom door sign


7. #TeacherLife coloring book and Paper Mate flair pens
#TeacherLife coloring book Paper Mate Flair Pens


8. Monogrammed pencils
Monogrammed pencils


9. The Best Teacher Ever Journal (to be filled out by your adoring student!)
The Best Teacher Ever journal


Edible Treats

Ask most teachers and they’ll agree, there’s only one rule when it comes to kids bearing chocolate-covered treats: the more, the merrier. While always a top teacher gift, just make sure you know whether your teacher has any food allergies before you buy.


1. Chocolate-covered Oreos
Chocolate covered Oreos


2. Lindt assorted chocolates
Lindt assorted chocolates


3. Bruyerre Belgian chocolates
Bruyerre Belgian Chocolates gift box



4. Cadbury Santa selection box
Cadbury chocolate Santa gift box


And Finally, School Supplies

“I have too many school supplies” said no teacher ever. If you’re still stuck on what to get your children’s educators, school supplies will always be appriecated and be put to good use.

1. Crayola Crayon Tub


2. Paper Mate Flair Pens

3. Expo Dry Erase Markers


4. Sharpie Markers Holiday Set

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? The tech-savvy teachers will love these 22 Tech gifts to use both in the classroom and at home!


And if your teacher doesn’t already have one, encourage them to create a wish list on TeacherLists.com. Wish lists are the easy way for teachers to let parents know what they need for their classroom (and especially for the holidays!).

Originally posted 2017

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