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The Top 22 Classroom Technology Gadgets Teachers Really Want

Updated 04/23/21

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We’ve rounded up some of the best tech for teachers as seen on real classroom wish lists. These are the most popular classroom technology gizmos!


’Tis the season for tech, according to our annual review of over 25,000 digital classroom wish lists created by teachers right here on TeacherLists. With items like 3D printers and makerspace kits appearing on more lists than we can count, there’s a definite shift toward more technology in the classroom. And while tech may be trending, granting those wishes often requires a village (or several generous parents from a small classroom, to say the least) due to heftier price tags.

Here at TeacherLists, we’re making it smarter, faster, and easier for teachers to get the items they really want (or at least need) for their classrooms with our free digital wish lists. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best tech gadgets and gizmos for teachers, as seen on real classroom wish lists. Good news? Sixteen of them are under $100.


1. Microscope Camera, $35

Simply hook up the camera to your laptop to display images of samples and specimens for all to see.

Microscope camera

via Amazon


2. Electrostatic Generator, $73

Great for in-classroom demonstrations, this produces large static electric sparks using a hand crank. Dim the lights to see electricity jumping around on different parts of the machine!

Electrostatic Generator

via Amazon


3. BrushBot Kits, $17.99

Using the head of a toothbrush, BrushBot kits teach kids about making and working with basic electronics, and thinking outside the box in minimalist “robot” design. The BrushBot uses the head of a toothbrush as its body and the bristles as its legs. The hundreds of nylon bristles that would normally clean your teeth twitch and vibrate to make the “bot” bounce along like a nervous little insect!

BrushBot Kits
via Maker Shed


4. The Intelli-Scanner, $79-$99

Easily organize and share books, movies, and media in the classroom.




5. High-Speed Label Printer, $112

Wirelessly print labels on the go, right from your desk (or your outdoor classroom).

High Speed Label Printer

via Amazon


6. Solar Powered Battery Charger, $27-$47

Perfect for the next time you get the urge to grade homework while out on a long hike (hey, we teachers are super dedicated and always, always prepared for anything).

Solar Powered Battery Charger

via Amazon


7. iPhone/iPad Projector, $69.99

This mini portable high definition LCD projector is easy to cart back and forth to the classroom.

iPhone/iPad Projector

via Amazon


8. Apple TV, $149.99

Display pictures of student work, share screens, watch high-resolution movies, and more. Here are a few more ways to use Apple TV in the classroom.

via Best Buy


9. 3D Printer, $429.99

3D printing allows for a more authentic exploration of objects that may not be readily available to schools, like animal anatomies and toxic materials. Get more ideas for using a 3D printer in the classroom from Kathy Schrock, who has been both a school district technology director and teacher.

via Amazon


10. Interactive Touchjet Pond Projector, $599

This one’s expensive, but oh-so-cool. Use the stylus to turn virtually any surface (the classroom wall, the floor, a table, the ceiling) into an interactive touch screen canvas, making it easy to creatively collaborate and interact with students. It’s a good substitute for your Promethean board and document camera, according to one of the teacher reviews on Amazon.


via Amazon


11. SMART Board Speakers, $194.52

These speakers were made for SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems (600 and 800 series).

via Touch Boards


12. Lego WeDo Software v1.2 and Activity Pack, $90

This project-based learning software provides an intuitive programming environment with activities that are divided into four themes: Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Play Soccer, and Adventure Stories.


via Lego Education


13. Arduino Kits, $25 – $100

Perfect for classroom maker spaces, Arduino kits feature a simple microcontroller board that allow students to make anything, from their own games and computers to a key board using bananas!


via Maker Shed


14. Robotic Arm Kit, $42

This affordable, quality robotic arm kit is recommended for students ages 9 and up.


via Amazon


15. Tablet Storage and Charging Base, $38

Perfect for iPads and other tablets that charge through a USB port, this convenient storage and charging station holds six tablets with or without their protective cases.



16. ScanSnap Scanner, $269

No more cluttering your classroom desk with piles of paper and school forms – just scan and print documents whenever you need them. This portable scanner can handle 12-15 double-sided pages at a time, and even syncs with apps like Dropbox and Evernote.


via Amazon


17. Easy-Speak PRO USB Recorder, $60

This wireless microphone records and stores up to 4 hours of audio—super convenient for podcasts, fluency readings, math facts, teacher conferences, intervention and assessments.


via Learning Resources


18. Belkin Rockstar Headphone Splitter, $12

Plug multiple sets of headphones into one iPad/iPod—great for listening centers!


via Amazon


19. Document Camera, $69

This compact (and affordable) document camera comes off its stand, which comes in pretty handy for those science activities that require looking at things from all sorts of angles. Here are 5 ways to use a document camera in the classroom from TeachHub.


via Amazon


20. GPS Device(s) for Geocaching, $87

Many teachers (at all grade levels) use geocaching, the location-based treasure hunting activity, as a teaching tool. You’ll need a few GPS units for students to check out in order to locate those coordinates. New to geocaching? Read how Dr. Polley, Educacher Extraordinaire, incorporates geocaching in his classroom.


via Amazon


21. Canon Selphy, $83

Your bulletin board dreams have been answered. With this printer, you can print gorgeous edge-to-edge, borderless photos in credit card and postcard sizes right from your wireless camera or smart device (no network needed).


via Amazon


 22. The 3Doodler (3D Printing Pen), $99

If you’re looking for  a more affordable alternative to the 3D printer  with (almost) the same amount of wow factor, check out this super cool 3D pen!


via Think Geek


Want to add some of these items to your own wish list? Create a digital wish list for free right here. Parents can access your list 24/7 from any device, and pledge to donate items with just a click (you’ll even get an automatic email notification). And, it gets better—your list automatically updates so you never get too much of one thing and not enough of the other. That right there is what we call smart technology!


All new-fashioned, high-powered, tech-rrific gizmos aside, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out how many basic necessities we continue to see topping classroom wish lists—items like pencils, paper towels, and glue sticks. That just goes to show that any contribution is appreciated, no matter how big or how basic.

Originally posted 2015

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14 Comments for The Top 22 Classroom Technology Gadgets Teachers Really Want

Susan Pleasanton

18. Belkin Rockstar Headphone Splitter, $12
15. Table Storage and Charging Base, $149to whom it may concern,
One of the challenges I experience while implementing the use of iPads in my first grade classroom is recharging them at the end of each day. Each iPad has approximately a six hour battery life. I have only two chargers that plug into a wall. Additionally, several more of my students would benefit while using the multi-headphone splitter, instead of one at a time. I would love both of these products!

Ana Little Owl

To whom it may concern:
I am a prekindergarten teacher, the Department of Early Childhood requires that I have at least 7 pictures of each student so they better identify their name, attendance, center rotation, etc… The Canon Selphy would be great to accomplish this requirement. I’ve already spent over $500 so the classroom and their education would be more resourceful for my 4 year olds.


It’s amazing how technologies makes our lives easier. I really thought I can’t buy those latest gadgets. Thankfully, I found


    Hi Lyn,

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.


Daniella Valverde

I would like the Interactive Touchjet Pond Projector. The classroom I was placed in doesn’t have a projector for a Promethean or SmartBoard. My students would benefit from this device since it can be used anywhere and when I go to other classes to co-teach.


    Hi Danielle,

    We hear you, the Interactive Touchjet Pond Projector is awesome! Be sure to enter our Win Your Wish List Sweepstakes to be entered to win $500 for your classroom, which could be used towards important supplies like these!

    Thanks for supporting TeacherLists!

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