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Teacher Spotlight: Nichole Milleville and Samantha Cooper


We caught up with high school teachers, Nichole Milleville and Samantha Cooper, to hear how they made it through one of the most challenging years in teaching history. Here’s what they had to say.
1. What is one thing you learned working through the pandemic that you will carry through with you into future school years?

Flexibility is essential when being a teacher, as well as being open to change and adapting quickly with whatever circumstance comes your way. Whether that’s with teaching virtually, in person, or hybrid.

2. How will the 2021/2022 school year differ from years past?

We believe all educators will be incorporating technology into their curriculum in some form. Most importantly, educators are going to prioritize students and their own mental well-being and find more balance in the classroom.

3. What is something positive that you saw come out of Covid-19?

Educators were finally recognized for all that they do for students.

4. What are your favorite EdTech providers and why?

Tech & Learning: Fantastic for ideas and tools to incorporate into your classroom.
GCFLearnFree: Over 750 FREE technology lessons for all ages.

5. What has been your biggest teaching challenge since the pandemic started?

The back and forth between virtual school, and in-person. Trying to keep the students engaged and balance students who were in the classroom and online at the same time was a challenge that no one could have prepared us for.

6. How are you supporting teachers in this new world?

We were already teaching in a technology classroom, and all our materials were digital when Covid-19 hit. So we instantly went to action and designed up infographics, videos, etc. to help coworkers and our followers learn how to adapt to the changes thrown our way. We still are producing infographics and content weekly to help educators learn how they can easily – and freely – incorporate technology into their classrooms to help ease their day-to-day, and allow students to have a more engaging experience in the classroom with the content being taught.

Originally posted 2021

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