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14 Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

100th Day Classroom Activities

Sometime in January or February, your school will reach its 100th day of the school year—and it’s a fun reason to celebrate together.

We’ve compiled some cute ways to mark the 100th day! Try one—or try a few—your students will love them. Plus, they will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize how much they are learning (bonus points!)


1. 100 Ways to Be Kind

Interactive Kindness Bulletin Board

via uppergradesareawesome.com

Who couldn’t use a little more kindness right now? On the 100th day, create a list together of 100 ways to be kind. Hang this list in a visible place, and cross these out the rest of the year as they are accomplished. Make it even more interactive by writing each accomplished act of kindness on a post-it note and sticking it on a bulletin board in the classroom. At the end of the year, you’ll have a beautiful bulletin board, displaying how kind your classroom is!

2. 100 (whatever your class decides!) Anchor Chart

100th Day Anchor Chart

via kindercraze.com

While their thinking caps are on and ready to keep making lists of 100, it’s time to pull out the anchor chart and markers! As a class, decide on a theme for a 100 days anchor chart—100 reasons they love school, 100 places they want to travel, 100 words they know, 100 things they have learned this year, etc.—or even create your 100 ways to be kind list this way! Design your chart, and let the students fill in the chart by writing or sharing their responses.

Students could even create their own 100th day posters at home and bring it in to show-and-tell their classmates!

3. 100th Day DIY Shirts

100th Day DIY Shirts

via justaddconfetti.com

Much like the posters, students could create shirts at home to wear to school for the 100th day. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you could work on them for a few weeks in class! Just have students bring shirts and some items to create their shirt. The opportunities are endless with this project.

4. 100th Day Hats and Necklaces

What would the 100th day be without crowns or necklaces? Both simple crafts are popular with teachers of younger students.

100th Day Crown

via inspirationmadesimple.com

There are a variety of ways hats, crowns or headbands can be made for the 100th day. Have students create their own crown and home in on their math skills by adding 100 dots, stars, hearts, etc. on their crowns, or keep it simple by having them color a premade crown.

DIY 100th Day Necklace

via firstgradeschoolbox.blogspot.com

For the necklace, use any circle cereal and encourage kids to group them into colors or patterns, if they wish.

5. Awards Show

100th Day Red Carpet

via teacherbythebeach.com

Roll out the red carpet to celebrate the day! Set up a construction paper red carpet and give each student an award for something they have improved on for the past 100 days. When receiving the award, each student will give an acceptance speech, sharing a goal they have for the remainder of the year.

6. Literacy Activities

100th Day Literacty Activities

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Cut out 100 words on paper and challenge kids to create a story as a group. See how many words kids can make with the letters in “one hundred.” Have students write 100 words they know. Or, as a class, come up with 100 positive adjectives that describe their school.

7. 100th Day Stations

100th Day Activities

via proudtobeprimary.com

Count out 100 items and place them around the classroom: small wooden blocks, Lego pieces, cubes, cups, index cards, etc. Then, challenge students to use up all the pieces to build something.

8. 100 Little Things

100th Day Collection

via growingkinders.blogspot.com

For homework, ask your students to fill a Ziploc bag with 100 items of their choice—things like candy, buttons, paper clips, etc.—the crazier the items, the better! Then, have students guess which bags would be the heaviest and lightest, and weigh the bags as a class.

9. 100 Physical Feats

Challenge kids to physical feats, such as 100 sit-ups, 100 jumping jacks, and 100 jumps on a rope (with your PE instructor’s supervision). End with a beanbag toss to see who can get to 100 tosses first. You can either award a prize to the beanbag toss winner or give out certificates of completion to the whole class.

10. Create a Lasting Memory

TeacherLists Free 100th Day Printable

Using our free 100th day printable, ask students to write or draw in the spaces provided, sharing a little about themselves. From what they would eat or wouldn’t eat 100 of to what they would do if they had $100, these responses are sure to be treasured!

11. Cut 100 Shapes

100th Day Shapes

via earlylearning.momstrusted.com

A great one for younger kids: hand out supplies like glue, construction paper, and craft foam. Then have kids cut out shapes—both conventional and from their imaginations—until they have 100 different ones (make sure you count them all as a class to be sure). Glue the shapes to a poster board and hang it in the classroom as a piece of artwork, or tape everyone’s shapes to the wall to create a large masterpiece!

12. If They Were 100…

100th Day Portrait

via growingkinders.blogspot.com

This could be one of our favorites—and we think most kids will agree. Have students come to school dressed as 100-year-olds, or have them create self-portraits of how they imagine they would look at that age. Ask them to write down what they would be like at age 100 and how their lives would be different. The results (and photos) are guaranteed to be amusing.

13. Read about 100

100th Day Read-Aloud

via amazon.com

Whether it’s books about the 100th day or books about 100 things, reading about 100 is a fun and simple way to celebrate the day!

14. Create 100 Art

1-0-0 Art

via buzzingaboutsecondgrade.blogspot.com

Using a 1-0-0, students are tasked with creating a piece of art. Giving them limited directions, the numbers cut out from construction paper, and a piece of paper to glue those numbers on, let their imagination lead them!

Originally posted 2021

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