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Teacher Spotlight: Monica Burns, Ed.D.

We interviewed former elementary school teacher, Monica Burns, to get her thoughts on technology in the classroom, top EdTech picks, and what sparked her new career path in educational technology. Here’s what she had to say.

How can teachers make the best use of technology in the classroom? Setting a purpose is an important part of making the best use of technology in the classroom. An intentional use of technology could include changing your formative assessment routine, differentiating instruction, or injecting more creativity into your classroom.

Besides remote learning, how else did the pandemic change the way teachers use technology? One of the biggest ways technology use by teachers has changed in the past year are the conversations around assessment. It’s been great to see educators talking about alternative assessments including using video responses and voice notes instead of just multiple-choice quizzes.

What made you want to transition from being a teacher to an EdTech consultant? I wanted to share my passion for educational technology with other educators.

What are your favorite EdTech applications for students and for teachers? I love tools that are flexible and have lots of ways for teachers and students to use them. My long list of favorites includes Flipgrid and Wakelet.

How can teachers keep parents informed about technology? There are lots of ways to stay informed about technology including blogs and podcasts. I release new episodes of my Easy EdTech Podcast every Tuesday to help listeners stay up-to-date.

Originally posted 2021

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