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1st Grade Teachers With Inspiring Instagram Accounts

Whether you’re looking for new lesson ideas, real talk about professional struggles, or a few good laughs, these  1st grade teachers have you covered.


by Lauren Bayliss

Teaching 1st grade involves so much more than coordinating art projects and story times. First grade teachers are responsible for laying the foundations for essential math, reading, and writing skills that children will rely on for the rest of their lives. We’ve rounded up our favorite 1st grade teachers’ social media accounts that offer a perfect combo of inspiration, support, humor, and so many innovative project ideas that your students will love once school is back in session.


Sarah Poquette / @_bigheartlittleminds_

Not only does Ms. Poquette give us a glimpse into her life as a 1st grade teacher on her Instagram page, she also has a must-follow TikTok account where she’s amassed over 4 million video likes and 137,000 followers. She’s got a lot to say, whether it’s about her adorable students, teacher life struggles, or savvy shopping finds. Our current favorite videos are “things my students say to me that blow my mind” and “things you didn’t know you needed.”



Jeremy Michelbook  / @thefirstgradecafe

In addition to being a veteran teacher, Jeremy is a must-follow vlogger. His YouTube videos feature his thoughts on teacher placements, classroom set-ups, and an entertaining “teacher on summer break lifestyle” series. As if that isn’t enough, he also has a blog and podcast where he sheds light on more serious teacher issues such as how to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and recognizing burnout.


Megan Fadal / @funwithmrsfadal

We wish we’d had a teacher like Mrs. Fadal when we were in 1st grade. Her Instagram page is filled with highlights from her day-to-day classroom life. Some of our favorite activities include a virtual Disney field trip, indoor “campfires” (complete with s’mores), punctuation parties, and Beauty and the Beast-themed mathematics. Needless to say, if you’re ever stuck on a lesson plan idea for your kiddos, just head to her page and let the inspiration come to you.


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Teri / @acupcakefortheteacher

Teri’s Instagram page is filled with everything from hilarious teacher memes and creative classroom ideas to her very own Etsy store stickers. One idea that stood out to us was her “I’m Done” choice board that guides fast finishers on how to work independently on another task of their choice. Tried and tested in her own classroom, Teri reassures other teachers that although some students may need a little guidance at the beginning of the year, they will get the hang of making their own choices and working independently in no time.


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Princess Netherly / @Pnetherly

This “wonder teacher” has no qualms about showing school spirit. Whether she is dressing up for themed learning days or acting as her best 100-year-old self for 100th day of school events, Princess goes all out for her students. This self-proclaimed Disney lover also manages to fit in shout-outs for Mickey’s birthday and mouse-eared selfies throughout her feed.


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Suzanne / @suzannes_plans

One theme that you’ll notice as you scroll through Suzanne’s Instagram feed is amazing phonics charts. Her simple approach to demonstrating speech sounds is not only adorable, the visuals are so easy to replicate for your own students. In addition to phonics, Suzanne also offers simple math lesson plan ideas (captioned with how she keeps her kids engaged) that we can’t get enough of. 


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