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8 Elementary Teachers You Should Follow

by Jessica Ward

Making a difference to young learners means making a difference for the future. These eight elementary teachers are bringing something new to their classrooms in their own way, keeping their students engaged and ready to learn.


Thomas J. Bussey / @TheBestEducator
A genuine, fun-loving spirit is essential for elementary educators, and Bussey’s approach to teaching is nothing short of enthusiastic. The 3rd through 5th grade teacher from Atlanta is on a mission to end boredom in the classroom, wowing his students with an array of creative lesson plans that include full head-to-toe costumes, wacky props, and of course, lots of laughs. His Instagram account, @TheBestEducator, is a highlight reel of all the ways he makes his young learners passionate about their education.


Skylar Billingsley / @The_Heart_In_Teaching
Billingsley’s Instagram handle, @The_Heart_In_Teaching, says it all. She uses the platform to showcase how she creates an inclusive, happy, and smart classroom. Sharing read-alouds, actual video footage of her lessons, and motivational quotes are just a few examples of how she inspires teachers all over the country. Her heart is in her career and in her students, and the result is a class full of kids that are eager to learn. Be sure to check out her Instagram Story Highlights—it’s where she stores some of her best-kept secrets!



Miss Le / @TeachingWithMissLe
Looking for some classroom inspiration? Miss Le has got you covered. Her classroom is bursting with vibrant color, sure to engage any student. The best part? It’s all simple DIY! From organization tips to free templates, @TeachingWithMissLe on Instagram is a grat source for bringing a splash of neon to the classroom.



Andrea Burns / @BookishBurnsss
Time to up your classroom’s library game! Andrea Burns is a 4th grade teacher and author who’s eager to share her favorite classroom reads with you. Her Instagram, @BookishBurnsss, includes a wide variety of books your students should be reading, like kid-friendly biographies, inspirational stories about following your dreams, along with well-loved classics like Jack and the Beanstalk. She’ll introduce your young readers to their next favorite book.


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Max & Ijeoma / @SmellsLikeTeachSpirit
How about two-for-one? This joint Instagram account includes both a kindergarten and music teacher, making for a unique blend of content featuring an extensive range of subjects; they go from sharing books that discuss race for Black History Month to making up easy melodies to sing with their students. Step out of your comfort zone with them at @SmellsLikeTeachSpirit, and who knows, maybe you’ll be a composer in a few short months!



Kimberley Lewis / @SecondGradeSplendors
This 2nd grade teacher from New York is dedicated to creating an interactive classroom. As with many teachers, virtual and hybrid learning has forced Kimberley Lewis to get creative, and to say she’s embraced the challenge would be an understatement. She gets her students involved with mock elections, virtual pajama parties, and fun holiday-related crafts. @SecondGradeSplendors on Instagram is a one-stop shop for interactive learning, wherever your classroom may be.



Christine / @CreativelyLearning
Christine is a 1st grade teacher in New Jersey who uses Instagram to show unwavering support for fellow teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently teaching hybrid, she’s committed to making life easier for other teachers by posting inspirational quotes, classroom activity ideas, tech tips, and even giveaways. @CreativelyLearning lives up to her name and will help earn you the name “Best Teacher Ever”!



Michelle Griffo / @ApplesAndABCs
Crafts, crafts, and more crafts! Michelle is a pro at hands-on learning, and is sharing all her wisdom with teachers itching for new ideas. Getting her students inspired with some crayons, construction paper, and a fun game plan is her specialty. It takes a lot of planning, but the outcome is always worth it. Her Instagram account, @ApplesAndABCs shows her activities in great detail, so you can shake things up in your own classroom!

Originally posted 2021

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