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Thank you for Updating Your Supply Lists!

Thanks for Updating!

With back-to-school supply lists for over 650,000 classrooms at more 40,000 schools across the nation, TeacherLists is the easiest way to efficiently manage your school supply lists and classroom wish lists right online! Read how Hatfield Elementary School has improved the school supply list process at their school using TeacherLists.


Thank you for selecting to update your lists.

We will now:

1) Update your lists so that they’re accessible to parents anytime, from any device.
2) Email you a link to your list to share with parents on your school website, via email, in your school newsletter, and even on your social networks!
3) Share your lists with Amazon – your parents will instantly be able to shop your school’s lists right online!
4) Send YOU a gift from our generous sponsors!



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We’d love to help! Call us at 800-644-3561 x6 or email us at tlsupport@teacherlists.com.


* Only while supplies last and school supply gifts vary!  Offer only valid for select teachers who received the TeacherLists email offer.

Originally posted 2015

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14 Comments for Thank you for Updating Your Supply Lists!

Alisa Alexander-Fulton

Thank you for providing exclusive offers.

Don McDonald

Thanks for all you do.

Rhonda Cochran

Thanks for all you do for our students!

Amanda Hernandez

Thank you for This wonderful service! 🙂 It is so helpful to us all! 🙂

Jineen Vaughn

Thanking you in advance for anything that you can provide. We are a title one school and middle schools simple do not get supplies. Many of our children are displaced (do not have homes or may be homeless for a period of time). Many are low income, therefore many of the teachers spend their first paychecks buying school supplies even though we have not had a paycheck during the summer months.

Anna Ray

We love to have markers, glue, glue sticks for glue guns, colored pencils, and scissors for the students to use while in the library. We have helped many projects get completed by having supplies at the ready for the students.

Mary Clanton

Any help at providing much needed materials are greatly appreciated!

Lynn Bump

Thanks for helping our class with a few supplies and needs. We really appreciate everyone’s support.

Nilsa Baillou

Just want to say, thank you so much for thinking of us teachers and supplying this site for our assistance. Appreciate it!

Stephen Hussey


The email I regarding that you would be updating my lists and possibly get the free school supplies indicates that my school is Harbor Country Day School. I had emailed and called about changing that last year to The Laurel Hill School in East Setauket, New York.

Can you please confirm back to me that the school associated with my name and email has been changed?

Thank you
Stephen Hussey

lisa loubet

thanks for the goodies

Yesenia Herrera

Thank you for helping teachers!


List for 2015-16 school year

    Diann Richards

    Thank you for helping our teachers :).