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Extended School Year Summer Activities

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As an extended year educator, it can be challenging to convince your students that they aren’t missing out on summer vacation. Lucky for you, summer is the best time to have outdoor, fun, hands-on lessons that make them excited to be there! Here are some ideas for summer lessons that are so fun, they don’t feel like learning!


Virtual field trips

You can go just about anywhere in the world and in some cases, even out of this world, virtually! If you’ve exhausted your local spots for field trips, these interactive trips that can spark a love for travel, science, arts, and more in your students!


Social-emotional learning

Teaching social-emotional skills can be difficult, considering it’s something that makes the most sense in practice rather than in theory. Games that simulate real life are a great way to create situations where kids will need to exercise those skills. Here are some games you can bring to any extended year classroom!


What are you doing?

All Tangled Up


Alligator Swamp


Summer Fun Printable Packet

This summer fun printable packet is a go-to for teachers during the summer. Whether you’re taking class outside to identify nature around you, or you’re demonstrating independent quiet time with a word search, there’s an activity here that’s both fun and designed to keep their skills sharp!


Hands-on lessons

The real world has so much knowledge to offer your students! Get them involved in summertime activities that require them to take their time and be observant. Apply your regular curriculum to these fun activities. Examples include:


Planting a garden

Great beginner plants include sunflowers, green beans, carrots, and tomatoes


Starting a rock collection

This is great for teaching students about the earth, different kinds of rocks, and even the Earth’s layers!


Planning a make-believe trip

Pick a destination and have them do research on the local culture and customs. Ask them to present what they would do on a dream vacation to this location!


Field Day

There’s no better time for Physical Education than summertime! Get out any yard game supplies you have and let your students have the best day ever!


DIY bubbles

Need a STEM activity? How about letting students make their own bubble solution? This fantastic science experiment is sure to be a huge hit with your students

Originally posted 2023

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